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How do you measure the temperature of almost 20,000 consultant and trainee physicians? That was the challenge facing The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), a registered charity that aims to ensure high-quality care by promoting the highest standards of medical practise.

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The results

  • Captures feedback from more than 20,000 physicians quickly and easily.

  • Gains actionable, real-time intelligence for decision making.

  • Increased the response rate to RCP’s annual, large-scale physician census.

  • Enhanced respondents’ satisfaction with RCP services delivery.

  • Unified feedback across RCP, with minimal use of resources.

About The Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

How do you measure the temperature of almost 20,000 consultant and trainee physicians? That was the challenge facing The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), a registered charity that aims to ensure high-quality care by promoting the highest standards of medical practise. However, this measurement has nothing to do with sick physicians. Rather, RCP needs to canvass the opinions and views of physicians across the UK to collect essential information for its workforce planning and strategy.

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Verint Enterprise Feedback Management captures, measures, and analyzes physician experiences

The answer is Verint Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), an enterprise survey platform that is the backbone of RCP’s annual web-based census to capture, measure, and analyse physician experiences. The Verint survey solution is quick and easy to set up, unifies RCP’s census in a single environment, and has led to a higher response rate compared to the traditional survey mechanisms the organisation previously used. Verint EFM has been so successful that RCP has come to rely on the software to conduct other surveys and for censuses on behalf of other Royal Colleges and specialty societies.

It wasn’t always like this. RCP’s annual physician census has been running for more than 25 years, and was originally based on a simple one-page postal survey. It has morphed over the years into a significantly larger analysis, a key driver for RCP wanting a solution that was easier to use and manage.

“We needed an easier way to turn feedback into action,” explains Nina Newbery, medical workforce manager at RCP. “We also needed a complete set of analytics to examine physician comments and sentiments across channels. Once this data is gathered, we can use it to build a historical record of the consultant workforce and as a source of evidence for future policy.”

Newbery and her colleagues turned to the Document Capture Company (DCC), the Royal College’s long-term partner in data capture, for help. “DCC unequivocally recommended Verint,” she says. “We immediately saw why. Verint’s cloud-based EFM technology offers the RCP an ‘all-in-one’ solution, with all the functionality we need to manage the census.”

Turn data into actionable intelligence with Verint Enterprise Feedback Management

RCP has been using Verint EFM for more than five years, most notably on its annual census of physicians, but also for third-party censuses. It’s the flexibility of the EFM solution that impresses RCP the most. For example, it uses the solution to:

  • Create branded censuses and follow-up emails using pre-defined templates and themes;
  • Check the validity of contact information and other data using validation rules;
  • Enable respondents to conditionally skip sections not relevant to their area of medical expertise;
  • Control access to censuses and results using permission-based rules; and
  • Scale censuses to support almost any size target audience.

The multi-tenant, software-as-a-service (SaaS) Verint model is another bonus, as Newbery explains. “We have three people using Verint EFM, each with their own secure workspace and the ability to view their content from wherever they have an Internet connection. Plus, they can copy and paste content they need from different sections, which helps further increase their productivity.”

Collecting the data is one thing; turning it into Actionable Intelligence is another. RCP relies on the real-time dashboards, analytics, and reporting in the Verint solution to aggregate data across surveys into a single, unified view. Newbery and her team can quickly drill down into responses covering specific questions, individual time periods, and even individual consultants. “Real-time reporting is a key advantage for the surveys we conduct,” she notes. “By quickly revealing previously hidden information, we can turn that into business intelligence we use for decision making.”

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Leverage Verint Enterprise Feedback Management to conduct surveys efficiently

In addition to its annual physician census, RCP relies on Verint EFM to conduct up to 30 other surveys every year, some of which are a sub-set of the annual census. These range from brief surveys to measure consultant opinions on various topics, to in-depth audits. “Another feature of Verint EFM that we like is being able to customise the last page of the survey,” Newbery continues. “After the respondents have submitted their data, we can point them to our website, a review of their own answers, or answers to key questions others have provided.”

Newbery is particularly positive about the contribution made by DCC. “DCC has proved to be highly responsive ever since we engaged with them to deploy solutions previous to Verint EFM,” she concludes. “Their expert advice, vision, and knowledge help ensure we get the most out of Verint’s solution, thus helping to increase our day-to- day productivity and ensure high-quality census output.”

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