Blue Shield of California Harnesses the Power of Real-time Feedback for Innovation

Verint Digital Experience drives continuous improvement for healthcare provider

Blue Shield of California Strives to be Customer-centric

Founded in 1939 as a not-for-profit health plan, Blue Shield of California has a mission of providing Californians with access to high-quality health care at an affordable price. The third-largest health plan in the state, Blue Shield’s values encourage innovation, making the organization a catalyst for constructive change within its industry.

To help achieve this vision, Blue Shield strives to be customer-centric. The organization anticipates and responds to the key needs of its customer across every touchpoint – including online, mobile and call center.

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Challenge: Provide the Best Online Experience

Blue Shield is dedicated to meeting and exceeding member expectations wherever they interact with the brand. This means not only responding to customer needs – but being proactive about new digital innovations that connect the company with its key audiences including members, employers and providers.

To best serve these varied stakeholders, Blue Shield provides a suite of powerful online tools (accessible through for eligibility, billing, claims, provider search, and more – as well as rich content on benefits, health and wellness.

Given the vital importance of this digital channel to its customers, Blue Shield wanted to make sure that it was providing the best possible online experience and addressing any customer concerns as quickly as possible. The company wanted to gather feedback from its audiences on their experiences with Blue Shield’s online tools.

The company had a strong history of collecting feedback through annual surveys, as well as its call center and web help desk. Now it needed a fresh approach to match the scale and speed of its online operations.

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Solution: Verint Digital Experience Drives Change

Blue Shield turned to Verint Digital Experience to harness the power of real-time feedback based on its track record of innovation for an extensive base of enterprise clients including nearly half of the companies in the Fortune 50.

Working closely with the Digital Experience team, Blue Shield rapidly implemented the [+] feedback solution on 75 percent of its website to collect, analyze, interpret and leverage real-time feedback and drive customer-centric change. The solution reaches member prospects, providers, physicians, brokers and prospective clients anywhere as they engage with the company online.

The implementation process included research design, data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as integration with Blue Shield’s existing analytics engine to provide a complete picture of online behavior and goals.

Through Verint Digital Experience, Blue Shield has been able to assess and monitor a real-time “customer pulse” based on real comments and experiences. Customers gain an important way to engage directly with Blue Shield to make sure they get what they need, and the organization gains detailed insight into how to make things more efficient for customers.

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Results: Rapid Response to Customer Concerns

Using Digital Experience, Blue Shield is able to prioritize and react in real-time to its customers’ most pressing concerns. The company gains immediate visibility into specific ways to optimize the online experience, and can rapidly assess the impact of site changes or new capabilities.

For example, upon the launch of Blue Shield’s newly designed Provider pages, streaming Digital Experience feedback provided fast visibility into the top issues and enabled the company to fix each one almost instantly. Within two weeks, Blue Shield’s improvements based on real-time user feedback had succeeded in reducing negative comments to almost zero.

Blue Shield also recently enhanced its Digital Experience comment card to allow interested customers to provide their personal information and request to be contacted. Dedicated customer service representatives follow up on requests to make sure that issues are successfully – and quickly – resolved.

As Mallika Madakasira, Online Analytics and Insights Lead, explains: “With [Verint Digital Experience’s] real-time feedback, we start to find out immediately if there is an issue and start on a fix within an hour. The fastest resolution means the best possible experience for our customers.”

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Understanding the Customer Journey

Through Verint Digital Experience, Blue Shield has been able to assess and monitor a real-time “customer pulse” based on real comments and experiences. Customers gain an important way to engage directly with Blue Shield to make sure they get what they need, and the organization gains detailed insight into how to make things more efficient for customers.

This has also provided Blue Shield with a tremendously powerful tool to create and share customer-centric insights and trends with its teams and executives.

A feedback digest that includes trend analysis and customer comments is distributed to the marketing, customer service, and product teams, as well as to the Blue Shield leadership team. The qualitative data in the digest provides a valuable decision-making tool, with insight and feedback into key customer concerns, demonstrating the need to devote resources to enhancing the online customer experience.

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Digital Experience Provides Visibility into Problems and Priorities

The Digital Experience solution also provides detailed reporting for specific teams and functions within Blue Shield to help develop strategies to address specific issues. Reporting also helps product managers gain visibility into the root causes of problems so as to prioritize resources to fix major issues.

“Digital Experience has given us a real-time pulse on the experience of each and every one of our members. All team members receive digests of feedback – and are now enabled take the appropriate action immediately and in real-time,” says Madakasira.

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Digital Experience Powers Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

Digital Experience is leading an Experience Cloud revolution, powered by the value of feedback anytime, anywhere. After 14 years on the front line of VoC innovation, we’ve built the only omnichannel solution that captures and manages real-time feedback from websites, mobile platforms, stores, and products.

In short, we’re revealing what consumers everywhere want and need, improving customer experience across the board and driving both top and bottom line results. Today, hundreds of leading global brands rely on our familiar [+] feedback symbol to better acquire, engage, and retain customers through actionable insight. Digital Experience empowers customer-centric breakthroughs worldwide.

With customer-driven feedback at our core, we have built the most holistic suite of Omnichannel Voice of Customer Solutions available today. Consumers are more empowered than ever before. They take ownership in your brand and want their voices to be heard. Are you listening?

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