With Its Da Vinci-Powered Cloud Platform, Verint Runs Wide Open

Dick Bucci May 17, 2022

Did you know that just 60% of the world’s railroads run on standard gauge tracks? The other 40% do not. Passengers may have to change trains when they cross international borders. Standards matter.

The most important standards decision to impact the contact center and telecommunications occurred in 1968. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that a device that permitted landline calls to be patched through to a two-way radio system through an acoustic connection did not harm the telephone network. Individual ownership of this device could not be encumbered by telephone company regulations, provided certain interconnection specifications were met. This eventually led to an explosion of telephony devices for homes and businesses including the automatic call distributor and deregulation of the long-distance network.

Today we see software solutions and platforms that are based on proprietary designs but provide open doors to both vendor- and customer-developed solutions. The smart phone model pioneered by Apple® is a perfect example.

Verint Systems offers its Customer Engagement Cloud Platform. In August 2021 Verint announced the expansion of digital-first capabilities for its cloud platform. Solution categories embedded in the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform include Digital-First Engagement, Workforce Engagement, and Experience Management. Each category includes exciting and unique applications designed to lower costs, simplify the customer journey, and improve customer experiences.

While optimized for Verint cloud environments, the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform seamlessly connects to your unique enterprise cloud ecosystem, sharing data across all of your cloud or on premises applications. Like the iconic Italian sports car, Ferrari®, Verint runs “wide open.”

The architecture is designed to facilitate innovation. Besides the speed and performance of the Verint Cloud (on par with and even exceeding metrics of other top brands in the space), what really sets Verint apart from its peers is the ultra-advanced artificial intelligence and analytics engine that drives the embedded applications and adds value to your custom applications.

Another famous Italian, Leonardo da Vinci, best known for his famous paintings, was a highly skilled engineer and futurist. He conceived ideas that were way ahead of his time, including the parachute, the helicopter, solar power, and the calculator. Verint Da Vinci elevates AI across the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform into insights and actions

An example of a terrific application that closes the gap between automated and live agent service is Verint’s Real-time Agent Assist (RTAA) capabilities. The new functionality, powered by Verint Da Vinci™ AI and Analytics, helps organizations connect with customers on a more empathetic and human level, empowering agents with in-the-moment knowledge and context around customer sentiment and intent.

RTAA is just one example of many time- and money-saving features offered by Verint today. However, the best is yet to come. Since the doors are wide open, you are invited to work with Verint experts to devise an AI-powered application that is just right for your enterprise.


Dick Bucci
Founder and Chief Analyst
Pelorus Associates