Unlock the One Workforce Advantage – Breaking Down Silos in the Enterprise

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Are you making the most of it?

The nature of work has changed, and the lines are now blurred between contact center, back office, and branch. A branch worker can take calls during slow periods, and a contact center agent can become a virtual bank teller. Back-office workers and contact center agents can share responsibilities to level out the peaks and valleys natural to all industries. These changes can have a dramatic impact on your customer service capacity, but only if you have the right tools to support it.

This session explains the various elements of the One Workforce approach including:

  • What is One Workforce?
  • Why is One Workforce so critical now?
  • How does One Workforce create one company?

Watch this session to learn how Verint can help you achieve One Workforce.



David Singer
VP, Go-to-Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement


Kelly Koelliker
Senior Director, Content Marketing

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