Ways to Celebrate Customers on CX Day (and Every Day)

Verint Team October 4, 2022

At Verint, we truly believe that every day is dedicated to driving customer experience. Especially for those who are in the frontline, whether in the contact center, leading CX strategy, or creating new and unique digital experiences, customers are front and center.

But it’s always fun to have an excuse for a celebration!

CX Day is a global initiative designed to bring CX professionals together to share ideas, thoughts, and strategy in continuing to innovate and evolve the industry. It’s a great opportunity to say thank you to your customers, but also reiterate the importance of serving customers across your organization. Here are some ways to go above and beyond for your customers in honor of CX Day:

  • Customer and employee experience are forever tied together. CX Day is not only about appreciating your customers, but also going back to your employees that serve customers—ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, tools and support they need to deliver a great, differentiated experience.
  • Customer experience data is only as good as it is shared, embraced, and turned into insights that drive action. It’s a great day to go back and share both positive and constructive customer feedback across the organization, outside of your CX teams. It can charge up teams across the organization and create new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Most of all, don’t forget to say thank you! A critical part of the CX equation is the customer. Today is a great opportunity to go back and see ways your organization has shown customers they are important and valued. For our part, here’s our thank you to Verint customers around the world—click the image below.