The Five Pillars of Open CCaaS (And Why It’s the Secret to Exceptional CX)

Josh Ballard October 3, 2023

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is not a new concept. For years, businesses have been moving their contact centers to the cloud and consolidating an ever-increasing array of customer experience solutions.

Omnichannel customer support, telephony, analytical tools, automated self-service, chatbots, workforce management and other functions have all been packaged up by vendors as a suite of solutions to benefit businesses and customers, who have shifted to digital.

While many CCaaS offerings have their merit, most are “closed” by design, limiting businesses to specific applications and preventing them from deploying best-in-class solutions across the board. This approach also means it’s difficult to leverage the power of their data, making it hard to enable CX automation and inhibiting future innovation.

The next logical evolution for the contact center is Verint Open CCaaS.

Verint Open CCaaS is (the clue is in the name) an open customer experience platform that allows organizations to implement solutions at their own pace while providing them with the freedom to find the right mix of applications to fit their needs.

The Verint Open CCaaS platform uses an open ecosystem that connects departments, integrates external APIs, future-proofs CX delivery, and breaks down data silos even as technology continues to evolve. Businesses and customers benefit from a choice of best-of-breed solutions with AI at their core and the ability to add exciting new technology and applications as they emerge.

Instead of scratching at the surface, let’s take a look under the hood of the Verint Open CCaaS platform. Here are the five pillars of Verint Open CCaaS:

Open Engagement Data Hub

The Engagement Data Hub revolutionizes accessibility, empowering every facet of the organization to harness the potential of their data. It breaks down the barriers that often trap valuable engagement data within the complex infrastructure of the contact center and throughout the enterprise.

Imagine a world where instead of siloing engagement data across various systems and departments, it’s seamlessly united in one central place. The Engagement Data Hub not only unifies this fragmented data, but it also allows you to wield it as a powerful tool to extract valuable business insights.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Engagement Data Hub also offers the remarkable capability to cleanse and manage this diverse range of engagement data, all within a single, cohesive location. There’s no more hunting for scraps of information scattered across the organization—everything you need is right at your fingertips.

And, perhaps most significantly, the Hub helps to democratize access to engagement data. Gone are the days of exclusive access for a select few. Now, executives, business teams, IT professionals, and data analysts can all tap into this invaluable resource.

Open Verint Da Vinci AI

With ever-increasing customer expectations, staying ahead of the curve is paramount, and Verint Da Vinci AI helps you do just that. It allows businesses to leverage Verint’s proprietary AI technology, as well as the best commercially available AI models. For example, third-party generative AI models are already being used to help summarize customer interactions and create new knowledge articles.

Verint Da Vinci AI sits at the heart of the Verint Open CCaaS platform and has purpose-built, specialized bots that enhance your workflows. Whether you want to delight customers with effective self-service, empower employees with contextual knowledge or make the handoff between chatbots and agents seamless, there’s a team of specialized bots that can help make your contact center as efficient as possible.

Da Vinci AI thrives thanks to its continuous learning capability. While Verint Da Vinci AI models are already trained on decades of rich customer engagement data, thanks to the Engagement Data Hub, they can also train on your unique data 24/7.

This means that your AI is always evolving, adapting to the changing landscape of your business.

Open Best-of-Breed

Delivering elevated customer experience while reducing operating costs is the holy grail of the contact center. The key to achieving this lies in the flexibility offered by the Verint Open CCaaS platform, where you have the power to select and integrate best-of-breed solutions rather than being tied down by vendor-specific choices.

One of the most significant advantages of this open approach is that you’re not limited to a single vendor’s offerings or certain third-party applications. Instead of being locked into solutions that are merely “good enough,” you have the freedom to adopt best-in-class solutions from Verint or other vendors that align perfectly with your business needs.

Along with freely choosing best-in-breed solutions, thanks to Verint Da Vinci AI, you have the flexibility to inject AI seamlessly into your business workflows, enabling you to automate CX processes and keep up with the ever-increasing demands of your customers.

With AI at the fingertips of your customers and agents, you can improve your customer experience while also reducing contact center costs—holy grail attained.

Open Ecosystem

Businesses thrive when they can effortlessly integrate various solutions, from telephony to customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM).

The Verint Open CCaaS platform doesn’t force you to rip and replace; instead, it allows you to adapt and evolve your suite of customer experience solutions without disrupting your established operations.

With the freedom to bring your own telephony, there’s no need to overhaul your existing solution. Instead, the open CCaaS platform complements and enhances what you already have in place.

Similarly, you can bring your own CRM to the table. If your business has invested in a specific CRM system that aligns perfectly with your customer data and processes, the Verint Open CCaaS platform ensures it works seamlessly with your CX solutions. There’s no need to sacrifice your chosen CRM.

The result of these seamless integrations? Peace of mind. Knowing that everything in your ecosystem, from telephony to CRM and beyond, works together harmoniously is invaluable. It means your teams can focus on what they do best—providing elevated customer experiences—without the headaches of compatibility issues.

Open Enterprise

Customer engagement doesn’t just happen within the four walls of your contact center. It extends far beyond, encompassing various consumer touchpoints across your entire business.

Verint Open CCaaS platform enables you to harness this holistic view of customer interactions, giving your entire enterprise the ability to tap into every consumer touchpoint, seamlessly and effortlessly.

This helps to build bridges, connecting your contact center to other areas of the business, including your website, back office, branches, and physical stores. No longer are these touchpoints isolated. Instead, they become part of a unified customer engagement strategy.

Customers today expect a seamless experience, regardless of where or how they interact with your business. The Verint Open CCaaS platform helps your CX to flow effortlessly, with customers’ history, interactions, and information readily available to agents and employees across the business.

To discuss how the Verint Open CCaaS platform can help you to deliver exceptional customer experiences, book a demo today.