Meet the Verint Bots Powering CX Automation

Steve Davies September 14, 2023

Running an efficient contact center that delivers exceptional CX is a tough proposition. Interaction volumes are skyrocketing, matched by the ever-expanding number of engagement channels needed to keep customers happy.

To meet elevated customer expectations with these additional pressures, your human workforce needs support from automation.

Introducing AI to the contact center enables more CX automation, which in turn elevates customer experiences and increases the effectiveness of your workforce.

Introducing…Verint’s Specialized AI Bots

Verint’s bots have a lot in common with Liam Neeson’s retired CIA operative Bryan Mills—they are blessed with a very particular set of skills.

Powered by Verint Da Vinci™ AI, each bot performs a specific duty to help companies achieve CX automation in the contact center. They are easy to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and are continuously trained using customer engagement data.

It means they are always improving and adapting to new trends, working in tandem with customers and employees in the hybrid workforce.

We thought it would be fun for you to meet some of the bots and find out exactly what they do.

The Voice and Digital Containment Bots

Customer self-service is one of the most effective cost-saving tools in the contact center—it just requires deploying a best-of-breed bot.

Verint’s Voice and Digital Containment bots have been trained on billions of human and bot speech and text interactions—so, out of the box, they can answer a huge range of customer queries across multiple industries and on multiple engagement channels.


  • Deliver exceptional self-service for customers across voice and digital channels


  • Provide personalized and accurate answers to customer queries—enabling first time resolution and increasing containment rates
  • Achieve in-channel resolution and reduce the number of queries transferred to a human agent
  • Provide easy training on new intents across all engagement channels without needing to write complex code
  • Can identify areas where it requires training after unsuccessful interactions

Key Benefit:

  • Reduction in the number of calls handled by agents in the contact center by containing and resolving conversations within the bot interactions, with no need for escalation to an agent.

The Containment Bots in Action

U.S. railroad company Amtrak wanted to make it easier for their 375,000 daily website visitors to book tickets online. Ask Julie was created and, powered by Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, guides customers through the booking process as well as providing relevant journey information and helping to make hotel or car hire reservations.

The Result:

  • 8x return on investment
  • 50% year-over-year growth in Ask Julie usage
  • 30% more revenue generated per booking with the containment bot

Read the case study to learn how Amtrak’s chatbot, Ask Julie, answers more than 5 million questions annually, ensuring millions of dollars are saved by containing conversations in-channel.

The Self-Service and Agent Interaction Transfer Bots

These bots use Open AI’s ChatGPT to create more seamless customer interactions and a more efficient contact center. It reduces the need for agents to prolong customer interactions by reading entire transcripts, while improving customer satisfaction.


  • Provides an accurate summary of self-service interactions to contact center agents and bots


  • Uses generative AI through ChatGPT to create an accurate, succinct summary of the pre-handover interaction for contact center agents
  • Enables agents to instantly understand the reason for escalation from self-service bot to human employee
  • Reduces average handling times and avoids customers needing to repeat themselves following the bot-to-agent and/or agent-to-agent handovers

Key Benefit:

  • Reduction in contact center call times by cutting how long it takes an agent to understand the nature of a customer query

Interaction Wrap-up Bot

Another bot powered by ChatGPT that can help save millions of contact center hours annually. It hugely reduces agents’ post-call work with its summarization superpowers.


  • Removes the need for agents to write after-call notes following a phone or digital interaction


  • Automatically summarizes an interaction between a human agent and customer—and provides the wrap-up notes using generative AI technology

Key Benefit:

  • Reduces an agent’s after-call work by 60 seconds by instantly generating a summary and outcome of customer interactions from the interaction transcript.

Knowledge Creation Bot

Agents face two challenges when searching their knowledge base to help customers—scouring an article for the most relevant information and not keeping the customer waiting too long as they do it.

Verint’s Knowledge Creation Bot leverages generative AI models to extract key passages from extensive knowledge bases and create more concise articles.


  • Enables human knowledge authors to update a company’s knowledge base with more easily digestible articles


  • Automatically extracts and summarizes relevant text selected by employees to curate new knowledge articles
  • Streamlines the content migration progress—making it quicker and easier to convert external documents and add them to the knowledge base
  • Supports containment and knowledge suggestion bots with condensed and targeted content

Key Benefit:

  • Reduction in authoring time when creating curated content by enabling a faster turnaround for content summarization and publishing

Forecasting Bots

There’s a fine balance required across phone, digital and back-office teams—companies don’t want to be overstaffed but equally don’t want workers to be overwhelmed. Verint’s Forecasting and Extended Forecasting Bots create models tuned to a business’s specific needs to build effective resourcing plans and maximize efficiency across customer-facing teams.


  • Delivers the most accurate forecasts of projected customer interaction volume without needing WFM (workforce management) teams to be experts in AI


  • Builds forecasts by leveraging internal data from multiple algorithms across all potential situations and channels
  • The Extended Forecasting Bot looks at external factors, such as weather, to enhance platform data to increase the accuracy of the forecasts

Key Benefit:

  • Lowers staffing costs and higher employee retention by reducing unnecessary overtime and minimizing overstaffing of contact centers, back-offices and branches

The Forecasting Bot in Action

Multinational financial services company Aegon needed to de-silo its back office WFM processes, which were more focused on KPIs than customer needs. The lack of planning meant resource forecasting was difficult, and they also needed any new solution to seamlessly integrate with existing technology.

Verint’s Forecasting Bot enabled Aegon to transform back-office operations by optimizing employee schedules across multiple locations to match expected workloads.

The Result:

  • 38% drop in spending on overtime shifts
  • 41-point increase in Aegon’s NPS score
  • 22% reduction in customer complaints
  • 27% cut in failure demand (demand caused by a failure to do something or do something right for the customer).

Leveraging the Power of AI in Your CX Strategy

Da Vinci AI sits at the core of Verint’s Open CCaaS platform. It uses the latest innovations to augment a company’s human workforce, injecting AI directly into a company’s workflows and putting automation at contact center agents’ fingertips.

The principles that power Da Vinci are:

  • AI philosophy: augments the human workforce with AI-powered bots for maximum impact
  • Data driven: uses real engagement data from across all channels to continuously monitor and improve business models
  • Open and secure: embeds proprietary and commercial AI models into workflows using appropriate guardrails to protect customer details
  • Responsible: Eliminates bias in datasets or models with tools and governance processes
  • Enriching business processes: Powers multiple applications at the core of each enterprise to deliver CX automation across the customer engagement spectrum.

In today’s fast-moving technology environment, companies need a platform that is designed to augment their human workforce. Verint bots put CX automation at the heart of your business processes and help to create more efficient contact centers, leave customers happier and reduce staffing costs while retaining the most talented employees.

Find out more about how Verint’s AI-powered bots can help you achieve the business outcomes that matter to you and your organization.