Non-Profit Digital Strategy – How to Grow Your Organization Digitally

Jon Allen March 14, 2022

Non-profit organizations operate differently to regular businesses, as their very nature brings with it a unique selection of motives, goals and processes. Non-profits strive towards an intrinsic goal, aiming to reach targets that are not necessarily bound to financial gain – at least not to the sole benefit of the organization in question. 

More importantly: non-profits often exist to help, support and grow certain social causes, and an organization built on this foundation must approach its digital strategy – ­along with everything else – with this in mind. 

In this article, we’re going to explain the specific ways in which Verint Community can help non-profit organizations to grow digitally, allowing them to reach their overall goals and further their cause. 

Verint Community Features 

First, a quick rundown of Verint’s features. Verint Community is a social community platform that uses its comprehensive feature-set of discussion forums, question and answer forums, rich blogs, direct messaging and much more to help businesses and organizations reach digital maturity. Through these tools and functions, Verint Community improves customer satisfaction, increases the amount of collaborative, time-efficient productivity, and reduces the demand for costly customer support. 

Within a standard business model, this approach works well to not only bring the company in line with modern digital standards, but also to improve profitability through productivity and streamlining costs. When integrated with a non-profit organization, this means that the institution can meet its main goals quicker, often through the same improved metrics. Examples may be: better communication with supporters, donors and members, more fluidity and collaboration between employees and partners, and as a result, more spare capital to put back into their main mission. 

How Verint Community has helped non-profit digital strategy 

Through the above methods and implementations, we have helped a number of reputable non-profit organizations to grow their digital infrastructure, deliver better results and a higher-quality level of overall service to their members and constituents. 

One example of this is when we worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to deliver an improved health care experience, 24/7 peer-based support and increased awareness of its additional services through digital cross-promotion. Macmillan’s goal was to develop a digital healthcare platform that could assist users on their journey through treatment and recovery. Already providing comprehensive support for patients and their families through fundraising, support centres and groups, the next logical step was to digitise this service, scale it out and make it even more efficient and accessible to all. 

Our solution? Within a digital community platform, we integrated features such as status updates to post announcements and gain feedback, diagnosis-specific discussion groups for more relevant peer support, real-time messaging that allows members to speak with specialists, as well as the ability for users to publish blog content to express their opinions, share experiences and develop the community further. In addition to this social aspect of the community, members can now access vital clinical information and donate, helping both the immediate needs of the patients, as well as furthering the growth and outreach of the non-profit organization. 

Through the implementation of Verint Community, we have also helped other non-profit organizations improve their services though digital growth. Another example is when we helped the British Medical Association (BMA) improve transparency and democracy through the use of online discussion groups. By upgrading their version of Verint Community , this allowed BMA to offer its services to tablet and mobile users, increasing their brand consistency and allowing them to stay ahead of digital expectations. 

The results? The number of registered users increased by 227% and unique monthly visitors increased by 100%. But what does this mean for BMA? Put simply, the integration of Verint Community within BMA’s existing platform means that they can now develop safe, secure peer-to-peer professional communication and provide a better, more transparent experience. 

It isn’t just healthcare institutions we work with, we apply our non-profit sector expertise to every type of organization. One example is when we helped the Guild of Sommeliers to create a thriving community in which their members could enhance, expand and share their wine skills and knowledge. 

What’s your non-profit’s digital strategy? Three easy ways to quickly reach your goals 

If you’re looking to grow your non-profit’s digital strategy for optimal productivity and efficiency with streamlined costs, then Verint Community has all the features and functions that will help your organization move towards its goals faster through advanced digital services. 

By introducing a simple question and answer forum or discussion forum, you could open up your organization to members and the general public, letting them have their say: voicing opinion, asking questions and more importantly, helping each other to resolve problems. But why is this important? Because this allows for customer support costs to be significantly reduced, with the self-resolution of queries resulting in less staffing costs for your organization, and subsequently, more available capital to designate towards reaching your core goals. 

Alternatively, by integrating a rich blogging platform into your digital experience, you can publish expert-led thought-pieces that help to spread the word about your mission, as well as simultaneously working as a resource for those wanting more information. In addition to this, you also have the option to give your members the opportunity to be spokespeople, through moderated guest posts. 

Another way to utilise Verint Community to advance progress on your non-profit’s goals, is to use it as crowd sourcing software. How so? Through the tools mentioned above, as well as others, you can turn Verint Community into crowdsourcing software to gather insights on improvements and gain feedback. 

Speak to our experts today for more information 

If you want to find out more about how to make streamlined improvements to your non-profit organization’s digital platform or website, then speak to one of our experts today about a live demonstration of Verint Community, and find out what you need to take the first step towards a more integrated, efficient digital strategy.