Lenovo Drives Engagement, Deepens Relationships, and Supports Sales with Verint Community

Rob Lamoureux May 15, 2023

Hear how Verint Community provides Lenovo, a global technology powerhouse employing 82,000 people around the world and serving millions of customers every day in 180 markets, with a unified platform to host its global communities and maximize the opportunity for engagement across its business segments.

With the flexible, customizable Verint Community platform, including connection to mission-critical enterprise software and social networks, Lenovo delivers a seamless, cohesive community experience to drive engagement, deepen relationships, and support sales.

The company can listen to customers in a multitude of ways—from discussion groups to thematic forums to surveys. Lenovo can also use Verint Community analytics to gain valuable insights to deliver a more meaningful customer experience and better enable its community members to use the platform to help them meet their goals.

Watch the customer story video or check it out on VerintTV here.