How Verint Bots Unlock Your Managers’ Productivity

Steve Davies April 30, 2024

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can impact a multitude of contact center functions, improving efficiency and performance.

Verint’s team of specialized bots does  exactly that. They are each designed to perform a specific task to help augment your employees by removing manual tasks and helping you to achieve CX automation.

The bots built to increase your management team’s capacity help to support functions across the organization. They release supervisors from needing to carry out manual tasks and free them up to concentrate on creating better business outcomes for the company.

Here are just a few ways Verint specialized bots can help unlock manager productivity:

Making the Right Hire

The Interviewing Bot  brings unparalleled efficiency to hiring new employees. It introduces AI at crucial stages of the recruitment process, identifying the applicants with the most suitable skills, knowledge and ability for any role.

From using virtual interviewing to screen candidates, to predictive analytics that determine the people most likely to be high performers, the bot eases the burden of recruitment.

In terms of increasing your management team’s capacity, the most obvious advantage is a less time-consuming recruitment process. The best qualified candidates are quickly identified and progress to the next stage.

However, the bot’s impact goes beyond just the act of hiring. Employee retention is improved as the new recruit has been carefully selected, meaning they will onboard quicker, are more likely to perform better and stay for longer. Robust reporting also delivers insights that continually optimize the process—meaning recruitment will likely improve each time you need to fill a position.

A Flexible and Efficient Workforce

Planning schedules and allocating workloads can take up a huge amount of a manager’s workday. On top of making sure the organization is appropriately staffed on any given day, additional tasks such as shift change requests and balancing deadlines can add unwelcome tasks to a supervisor’s to-do list.

Verint’s bots leverage industry-leading AI to give the right employees the right work at the right time, offering workforce management capabilities to suit the needs of a modern contact center and its workforce.

Here are three bots to help with all your workforce management needs:

Forecasting and Extended Forecasting Bots

These bots use AI to analyze historical algorithms based on a variety of internal and external factors to accurately predict customer demand across all engagement channels. Without needing to be data or AI specialists, managers can leverage the Forecasting Bot to make the best decisions for staffing across an organization. It adds capability without increased complexity.

By layering in the Extended Forecasting Bot, CX leaders can also look at external factors – such as weather, power outages or natural disasters – to identify any outliers that could impact their plans. Together, the bots deliver the right resources at the right time, by automating accurate and flexible forecasts.

Organizations can efficiently meet customer demand across all channels while reducing staffing costs.

TimeFlex Bot


Once managers have set their staffing levels, they need employees to fill the shifts. Agents also need flexibility to ensure a good work/life balance. The TimeFlex Bot empowers agents to autonomously make changes to their schedules without negatively affecting service levels. They can do this in real time without the need for a lengthy approval process.

The bot ensures that any shift changes don’t negatively impact the business or CX delivery. By automating the process, it also removes the need for managers to spend hours reviewing the impact of shift changes. This means more capacity to concentrate on other, more important aspects of their job while minimizing the chance of a staffing emergency.

Work Allocation Bot

In a regular working day, if management isn’t spending time planning shift patterns or reviewing and authorizing shift changes, their workload involves assigning tasks across their teams.

The Work Allocation Bot can have a transformative effect on back-office operations. With organizations handling complex, multi-step processes, the bot ensures the right work is assigned to the correct employee so service goals can be met. The highest-priority tickets go to the best person or team first to ensure swift completion.

The AI capabilities of the bot mean that this is all done without the need for manual oversight. Team leaders can work more efficiently and effectively while meeting targets as productivity increases.

Driving Exceptional Quality and Performance

Traditional quality management solutions struggle to work at scale. For example, only a small percentage of phone calls can be manually monitored, meaning countless non-compliant calls are missed. This is before we even consider digital interactions.

Most organizations don’t have the technology to assess any of them. It’s the worst of both worlds: hours of supervisors’ time are spent listening to customer calls and it barely covers what’s needed to make a genuine impact on quality and performance.

Verint’s Quality Management Bots leverage AI to analyze every customer interaction. The entire process is automated, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching. Together, they augment the human workforce to elevate quality and compliance strategies while easing the workload of your management teams:

Quality Template Bot

Uses generative AI to refine your scoring models. Managers put in a few prompts of what an ideal answer looks like, then the bot uses them to automatically identify similar phrases to monitor during interactions.

Compliance Scoring Bot

Monitors 100% of voice and digital interactions and alerts you of any potential cases of non-compliance. The bot uses a proactive strategy to spot and remedy any issues before they escalate.

Performance Scoring Bot

Offers automatic evaluation of every human and bot interaction across all channels. Managers can use the bot’s reporting to share performance metrics and fill in any agent’s skill gaps identified during customer interactions.

The three bots work in conjunction. Once the Quality Template Bot has created the prompts, the other two use the information to score 100% of voice and digital interactions with zero human input required. This frees up supervisors to coach and reward their direct reports, as well as correct any compliance errors identified.


Everyone wishes they had more time in their day, and Verint’s bots provide it for your management teams. Delivering extra capacity at scale is the key to building a more efficient workforce and improving business outcomes across your organization.

Discover which of Verint’s bots can elevate your employees’ experience.