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Contact Center Quality Processes Must Modernize for the Digital Era

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Quality isn’t a process that can stand still

Traditional quality starts with recording. But recording alone only gives you a slim view into what might be happening in your customer interactions. Low sample rates mean that many organizations know nothing about 90% or more of their interaction content. This can leave businesses vulnerable to compliance risks that can lead to penalties, poor customer service and loss of business.

Read this Ventana report and learn more about the changing landscape of Quality Management, including automation, customer and agent feedback, and the advancement of AI technology. The report covers:

  • Exciting developments in incorporating direct customer feedback across all digital and voice channels
  • Ways to utilize automated evaluation and scoring to review up to 100% of your captured interactions allowing your organization to offer coaching and training opportunities faster
  • The importance of reviewing interactions across multiple channels

Communication between organizations and their customers has changed. A Total Quality program that is supported by AI can help you avoid low service standards and hefty fines; while giving you insights based on 100 percent of interactions. Download to learn more.

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