How RSA Insurance has reduced paperwork delays by 40% and increased employee productivity and operational processing power by 20%.

Verint Team May 7, 2021

Hi. I’m Tracy Johnson. I work for RSA. My role in RSA is a Business Change and Transformation Manager. Within RSA, we are driving to deliver towards best practice. That’s our key goal for this year. Keeping up to pace with the industry, keeping up to pace with our customers to be the best in class.

We started working with Verint probably a year ago. I was really, really impressed by their product offering from a project perspective, how they worked and how they partnered with organizations.

The key attribute is complexity, so this is not a widget business, it’s a massive underwriting business. Just to be able to articulate that in line with their product offering was really, really important. One of the key things is I think the people we have implemented within the project within Verint, they can stand here and talk about the RSA business as if they were employees of the RSA business.

I’ve worked at RSA for 20 years. I think partners are about commitment, and working in partnership means collaboration, and really understanding each other and having this real depth of genuinely wanting to do something different. I think that’s quite hard to get because it means connection between people. I think the people that work at Verint are absolutely fabulous.

The people that I’ve worked with, they literally come into your organization and they sit at the desk where my guys work every single day. If I asked a question of them or I asked a question of one of my team, I know they’d understand the business and understand the strategy in exactly the same way, so that for me is a massive value add.

Probably my mindset was starting to get a little bit closed around the possibility we’d become so lean as an organization that I’m not sure I could see beyond the possibility of literally working day-to-day. When Verint came in and started to unlock the potential around what data could do and how it could give us the opportunity to really get our workforce operating differently, my mindset started to open up and get quite excited around what more could be done and how could we operate slightly differently?

In some respects, Verint as an organization has instilled my faith a little bit in what is operational mastery and how do you get there, and what do you need to do differently?

It makes our conversations very simple because they are very factual, and then when we discover pieces of work that shouldn’t be sitting in particular places, we do lead into a conversation that goes into automation or what we should do. We go straight to strategic solutionizing.

Our measurable outcomes I guess from a change transformation perspective is our capacity creation. We always talked about capacity creation. The capacity creation is we hang our hats on 17 FTE. That was the plan from the start, that’s what we delivered. We then thought, “Could we sustain this as we enter in another year and we go into our peak season?” We have sustained that.

I probably didn’t even know it was even available. I think now technology is so much more advanced that literally, you blink and something else is new and innovative, and coming to market. I think particularly working with a company like Verint, they seem very forward-facing. The exciting thing is you go on their journey, and they can open up the possibility.

As an operations director, I don’t always have to think about what do I do and how do I do it? I’ve got a really strong partner that has lots of these different offerings. We’re already starting to look at speech analytics in another area of my operation, we’re starting to look at where can we roll out this offering to other parts of the business as well? To be fair, I don’t think we’re going to stop there. It feels like quite an exciting journey.

What we’ve started to see within RSA is a culture growing and a very curious culture growing to say, so what is that? How are you using that? Would that fit into my business? When I can start to see that breed within the organization, that gets me really, really excited that I’ve done a great job.

For me, continuous improvement is absolutely critical. We work in an ever-evolving world and ever-evolving business, so to work with a partner like Verint is absolutely critical because it’s about making sure that you are consistently driving towards that best-in-class goal and making sure that you are striving towards doing the right thing for your customer and really understanding them and doing something different in your market.

I genuinely think that Verint absolutely achieved that. They understand the customer, they understand my workforce, they understand our company, so I definitely know we will achieve what we need to achieve.