Bot to Agent, Agent to Agent: Summarizing Success with Verint’s AI-Driven Interaction Summarization

Harry Rollason October 9, 2023

There are a few key moments which make or break the quality of a customer conversation.

Getting an issue sorted the first time or not waiting on hold are surefire ways to better CSAT scores. Making customers repeat themselves every time they interact with a new bot or agent will have the opposite effect.

Businesses should always be looking for new ways to optimize their customer support processes, reduce operational costs, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Enter Verint’s Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots—built to help businesses handle and manage the ever-increasing number of customer interactions and rising expectations through AI-driven interaction summarization.

Where are the Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots used?

They seamlessly integrate into the handover process whenever an interaction changes ownership, whether that’s transitioning from a bot to live agent or between two agents. This makes the bots an invaluable asset for hybrid workforces operating across multiple locations.

What do the Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots do?

The bots instantly provide a summary of any previous self-service or agent interactions, ensuring that the hand-off is as seamless as possible. They leverage the power of both Verint’s Da Vinci Real-Time Transcriptions and generative AI models to create concise yet informative summaries for the agent taking over the conversation.

The 5 Business Benefits of Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots

  1. Reduced Operational Costs: One of the most immediate benefits is a reduction in operational costs. If you make customer interactions efficient, agents can manage more inquiries per shift—which results in significant cost savings for businesses.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Speed is of the essence in customer service. This tool helps agents understand the context of the call quicker, leading to faster response times and reduced average handling time (AHT). Agents can quickly grasp the customer’s intent and the reason for escalation, optimizing their workflow.
  3. Optimized Effectiveness: Understanding your customers’ history and needs is crucial for providing effective support. Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots make it easy for agents to get up to speed on prior interactions, enabling them to engage with customers more effectively and address their issues promptly.
  4. Improved Customer Experience: Customers will always appreciate a seamless interaction with a contact center. Self-Service & Agent Transfer Bots reduce the need for customers to repeat themselves when transferred to live agents, leading to improved customer satisfaction and sentiment.
  5. Elevated Agent Experience: Reducing the effort an agent needs to expend on an interaction is essential for their well-being and productivity. With quick access to interaction summaries, agents can focus on engaging with customers rather than sifting through extensive histories, resulting in a more positive agent experience.

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