Syndeo Experience Apps for Retail

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Want to know what a generative AI conversational experience looks like across marketing, sales, and service? Discover how Syndeo uses generative AI, sentiment, context and guardrails to enable companies to increase leads and conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI for the Customer Journey

Learn how to optimise the entire Conversational AI experience across marketing, sales and service with Syndeo, the leading Conversational AI Platform designed to focus on the full customer journey. Discover the benefits of using generative AI, sentiment, guardrails and context with integration to Verint Agent Desktop.

In this session the presenter will walk you through what a generative AI experience looks like, the Syndeo Conversational AI Platform, share relevant use cases, industry examples and demonstrate seamless Verint integration.

Key takeaways for viewers:
  • Experience a generative AI conversation across marketing, sales and service.
  • Experience Syndeo’s native integration with Verint demonstrating seamless escalation to the agent in a single view agent desktop with the ability to showcase sentiment.
  • Learn how to amplify marketing efforts, boost sales revenue and improve customer satisfaction and retention using Syndeo Experience Apps. These are pre-configured, customisable and Generative AI driven self-service applications with guardrails developed for marketing, sales and service.
  • Discover how Syndeo enables communication with customers via multiple digital channels (including WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS and Webchat).
  • Learn about Syndeo’s AI Versatility:  Syndeo leverages Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with its inbuilt Kelvin AI engine, while also facilitating a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) approach with pre-existing integration to market leading AI capability, including Google, Microsoft and Generative AI such as GPT3.5 and 4.0 from OpenAI.
  • Grasp how Syndeo integrates with best of breed solutions across the customer journey, including Adobe Experience Platform, customer data platforms and multiple contact centre platforms.
Part of the Verint Marketplace Partner Showcase:
Discover the power of our Partner Network. Our featured partner presenters will walk you through demos of their offerings, relevant use cases, and the business benefits of their integrations designed to elevate your existing Verint solutions and resulting customer experiences.



Oliver Lennon

Oliver Lennon
Chief Executive Officer
Rodney Hassard
Rodney Hassard
Product Growth and Customer Engagement

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