11 Best Queue Management Systems for Banking

Sam Osbourne September 9, 2022

The numbers are in. At least 36% of consumers want banks to use a Virtual Wait Line System to get rid of physical queues in-branch. Keep reading to learn about the 11 best Bank Queue Systems.

How to find the best Queue Management System for banking industry

Every Virtual Queuing System provider brands their solution in a different way, which is why it’s usually necessary to search multiple terms online to find the top providers.

Popular search terms we recommend include:

  • Customer Flow Management
  • Banking Queue System
  • Bank Queue Management System
  • Digital Queuing
  • Line Management System (or Software)
  • Online Q App
  • Wait List Software
  • Walk-in System

What are the benefits of using a Wait Line Management System?

Typically, enterprise retail banks see the following major benefits when they roll out a Wait Line Management System across their branches:

  • Higher revenue: When customers see long physical queues in-branch, they’re far less likely to enter. By taking the queue virtual, this issue disappears, more customers enter your branches and your sales rise.
  • Less walkouts: When customers have a much more enjoyable waiting experience with real-time queue position updates, they’re less likely to leave the branch in the middle of a transaction.
  • Increased advocacy: Customers who are frustrated with long queues are likely to post detrimental posts about your brand online. By contrast, Virtual Queuing customers stay in the know about the wait time, so they are much more likely to become brand advocates sharing news about their positive in-branch experience.

Benefits of using an enterprise banking-focused Virtual Queuing App

Using an enterprise-banking centric Bank Queue Management Software can also enable leading brands to:

  • Fully customize software interfaces in line with brand aesthetic and tone of voice
  • Rapidly deploy software solutions across many branches using a scalable method
  • Take advantage of a full Retail Choreography solution suite to manage walk-in customers alongside appointment, click and collect and event customers
  • Gain game-changing data insights to learn more about your customers

Which features do the Queue Management Software providers offer?

To help you figure out which features the top Queue Management Software providers do and do not offer, we’ve created the table below.

Who has the best Virtual Queuing System?

After a rigorous process of whittling down software providers, we’ve found the 11 Best Digital Queuing Systems on the market. We’ve ordered them from most to least relevant to enterprise banks.

Be aware that many businesses only disclose pricing on request so we’re unable to share price lists for each provider.

1. Verint

Verint logo

Verint is an award-winning global Retail Choreography software provider with teams around the globe. With a wide range of features and a solution that’s tailored specifically to enterprise businesses, Verint ranks as one of the best Banking Queue Systems in the market.


  • UI design: Anyone from concierge to head office users is thought to be able to easily learn how to use Verint’s Queue Management System in under 30 minutes. There’s even multiple language options for staff and customers, and multiple different queues you can add customers to enhance multiple customer journeys. .
  • Features and integrations: Verint has a variety of integrations with CRM and Business Intelligence Platforms, messaging apps, chat bots, digital signage CMS displays. You can also let customers schedule appointments from your Google search engine profile because they recently integrated Reserve with Google.
  • Hardware compatibility: Many of the Queue Management System providers on this list focus solely on hardware solutions. However, Verint has a cloud-based software solution which is compatible with your in-branch kiosks, TV displays, tablets and other hardware.
  • Wait time updates: Your banking customers can join a virtual queue and receive live updates through Verint via their mobile phone and SMS messages.
  • GDPR: Verint protects sensitive customer data in line with GDPR regulations so you can rest assured you’re taking care of your customers.
  • Clients: Citibank, East West Bank, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, Standard Chartered and Lloyds of London.
  • Available since: 2012.

2.Better Branches

better branches logo

With a responsive team and a design that’s tailored towards credit unions, Better Branches offers one of the best Banking Wait Line Manager Apps around.


  • Responsive: Better Branches mostly works with a small number of credit unions and banks who report that they’re typically very responsive.
  • Traditional interface: Better Branches offers a seasoned Queue Management Software with a retro interface that branch associates typically tune into within a few days.
  • Data security: Better Branches uses a locally installed application and encrypts all customer data to ensure they comply with GDPR guidelines.
  • Clients: Travis Credit Union (CU), First Community CU, and SVP Ideal CU.
  • Available since: 2019.


jrni logo

JRNI refer to themselves as an “Experiential Relationship Management Platform”. Without a doubt, they’re one of the best Queue Management Solution providers, particularly for small business owners.


  • Solution suite: With apps for Appointment Scheduling, Event Management, and Virtual Queuing, JRNI can help you to manage most of your customers in one place.
  • In-house building: JRNI primarily operates on an in-house building basis although they still offer a few integrations as well.
  • Clients: Co-op, Levi’s, Kingfisher, Jojo Maman Bébé, KBC and Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Available since: 2012.

4. Qmatic

Qmatic logo

Sweden-based hardware company Qmatic has a small roster of clients across retail, banking and the public sector.


  • Integrations: Qmatic offers a number of integrations with CRM and Messaging Platforms to give your branch associates the tools to ensure great service.
  • On-premise hosting: With Qmatic, you have full autonomy and responsibility over your Queuing System. Your IT team is responsible for maintaining the servers, backing up your system, and running any hardware updates.
  • Hardware repairs: If one of your Qmatic kiosks happens to malfunction, you can ship it to Sweden, where Qmatic’s engineers will fix and return it.
  • Clients: Manchester Metropolitan University, SNCF, Capitec and Telia Company.
  • Available since: 2016.


qnomy logo

Q-nomy may be based in America but they primarily work with telecom, healthcare and education companies in Europe.


  • Scalability: Q-nomy has a well-established queuing hardware solution with a variety of enterprise and small businesses. This is likely why Q-nomy clients don’t have too many issues during the hardware roll-out process.
  • Out-of-the-box kiosks: Q-nomy’s kiosks already have their own distinctive and uniform look meaning their clients don’t need to spend too much time customizing their kiosks to match their brand aesthetics.
  • Queuing-specific: Q-nomy platforms don’t offer Event, Task or Shop Floor Management capabilities. However, they still have a top-notch Queue Management System that can support public sector companies.
  • Clients: Medicare, BECU, Nottingham University Hospital and Orange.
  • Available since: 2002.


Wavetec logo

Founded in 1986, Wavetec is one of the oldest bank queuing solution providers on our list. They’re also the go-to hardware company in the Middle East.


  • Capabilities: Wavetec has a breadth of different features and solutions including ticket-printing kiosks.
  • Product range: Wavetec has slowly built a wide variety of Queue Management options. Notably, they’ve integrated with WhatsApp to allow customers to join a virtual queue from their phone.
  • Clients: Banorte, Asiacell, Consum, Zapopan and Delta Airlines.
  • Available since: 2002.

7. Lavi Industries

Lavi Industries Logo

LA-based Lavi Industries wasn’t always in the Queue Management business (mostly making brass and steel railing systems until 2008). However, since they put Qtrac on the market, they’ve had one of the best Banking Queue Systems around.


  • Retail Choreography solutions: Being able to manage walk-in, appointment, event and curbside pickup customers using one system is generally a major bonus for enterprise bankers. While Lavi Industries doesn’t offer Event Booking or Click and Collect Pickup support, they do offer Bank Queue Management and Appointment Scheduling solutions.
  • Individual branch settings: Individually edit your Queue Management settings and preferences for each of your branches to make sure they’re set up to your liking.
  • Clients: U.S. Air Force, Scotiabank and U.S. Cellular.
  • Available since: 2012.

8. Qminder

qminder logo

Hailing from Estonia, start-up Qminder have one of the best banking Virtual Wait Line Systems and deserve their spot on our list.


  • Functionalities: With everything from a multilingual interface to digital TV signage displays, Qminder has a broad array of features.
  • Interface navigation: Once your team has had a few training sessions, they should be able to navigate around Qminder’s system without any difficulty.
  • Data collection: Qminder can generally help you to collect a few important pieces of information about how customers interact with your branches and online platforms.
  • Clients: Bolt, Verizon, Marines, John Hopkins University and AT&T.
  • Available since: 2011.

9. QLess

qless logo

Hardware-focussesd QLess is a US-based company offering solutions in the public sector. They offer many off-the-rack services including Queue Management and Appointment Booking.


  • Complex system: Once your associates have got the hang of how to use Qless’ intricate Online Queue App, they should be able to navigate their way around the system reasonably independently.
  • Sector generalized: QLess caters to clients across education, healthcare, government, logistics, events and retail. With lots of stakeholders, new features go through a rigorous workshopping process.
  • Clients: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), FISH Technologies and Port of Antwerp.
  • Available since: 2007.

10. Whyline

whyline logo

SaaS company Whyline is one of the youngest companies on our list, although they’re already receiving recognition for their effective Virtual Waitline System for mobile.


  • Notifications: You can notify customers using Whyline’s mobile app about their position in the virtual queue. You can also send SMS wait time position updates to customers who aren’t using the app.
  • Customer journey: Whyline’s Wait Line Manager App can manage a couple of different customer journeys.
  • Clients: Ficohsa, LAX, Salta Tuciudad, Clínica Einstein, Macro and Irving Texas.
  • Available since: 2015.

11. Skip Lino

Skiplino logo

Sticking with SaaS start-ups, Skip Lino offers another good system to give your customers a great in-branch experience.


  • UI Navigation: Skip Lino’s app isn’t feature-heavy. The start-up provides a simple range of capabilities and integrations which is why branch teams generally don’t have trouble navigating the UI.
  • Clients: DHL, Delta Airlines and Careem.
  • Available since: 2015.

Should You Build Your Own Virtual Queuing Software?

Generally, it’s better to buy rather than build in-branch software. That’s because–counterintuitively–it can actually cost you a lot more to build a Waitlist Management Software from scratch.

After all, established Retail Choreography businesses already have a software that you can start using immediately. By contrast, you’ll need to pay your tech team for the many more hours it will take them to build your Bank Queuing System.