Vega’s Effortless Engagement: Customer Engagement on Instagram

In 2014, Vega, a premium brand of plant-based, convenient, real food alternatives, launched their social customer care team to have a unified view of their social channels and an efficient way to engage with their community. Vega quickly found that educating their community about their natural products, healthy lifestyles, and plant-based living was their main goal on social.

Since launch, Instagram is one of their most successful channels* for an unparalleled customer engagement experience helping Vega engage with their fans in a fun and innovative way. This is the key for Vega to build brand loyalty and foster meaningful relationships.

  • ↑ 94%

    Volume Increase

  • ↑ 221%

    Response Rate

  • ↓ 1:51

    First Response Time


Serving Generation Y: Vega, a company born in social, had high customer expectations from the start. With a younger, socially savvy customer base, service was seen as just an extension of marketing engagement. The challenge arises to turn this unstructured, chaotic social chaos into actionable conversations.

Customer Channel Adoption: Having such an engaged community means customer conversation happen in diverse and different places. A key challenge was keeping up with customer adoption, while continuing to improve the customer experience, and expand the service options to new platforms.

Social Noise vs Social Conversations: Vega sees most engagement occur on Facebook and Instagram. The challenge is separating and prioritizing the conversations that matter. Finding the signal within the marketing noise.

Solutions—Surprise and Delight on Instagram

Instagram Integration: Both at random and also in support of master brand campaigns, like the #BestLifeProject for example, Vega will surprise and delight their followers on Instagram by giving away free Vega products and other various surprises such as coffee gift cards, sports swag, and more. Vega engages with their fans in a fun and innovative way, that suits the tone for Instagram, to build brand loyalty and foster relationships.

Proactive Customer Service: With help from the Conversocial, A Verint Company, solution, Vega support operations have become more stable, and now they have the extra capacity to get involved in discussions that aren’t necessarily driven by an explicit need for support. Instead, there are opportunities to talk health & wellness and share knowledge–connecting over positive shared experiences.

Advanced Engagement Analytics: Conversocial, A Verint Company, has been instrumental in helping Vega scale – especially with Rules that prioritize the most urgent conversations. This is supported by analytics, that Vega uses for workforce management and forecasting the resources that they need to meet growing volume increases.

Customer Story—Carl Goes Vegan

The relationship Vega built with Carl comes from engagement on his social posts, emails and “Surprise; Delight” engagements (*such as the post below of him posing in a T-Shirt Vega surprised him with) to support his goals. Here are just a few examples of his dedication to the Vega brand, as shown in his IG posts. One look at his feed and you can tell that he’s a Vega fan.

“You know what’s incredible? Arriving at work today to find a completely unsolicited gift on your desk from an incredible company. #myvega #poweredbyvega#”


“With the Conversocial, A Verint Company, engagement platform, Vega proactively engaged with customers, establish rapport, and prove trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of users. By the end of 2016, positive brand sentiment on Instagram had reached 98.5%. Though due in part to Vega’s increased productivity and efficiency on Instagram, this favorability stemmed not from Vega’s speed of resolution, but the social care team’s diligence and personalized approach to every encounter. Vega’s very successful Surprise & Delight Campaign is the best example of this approach. ”

Results - 2017 Instagram engagement, compared to 2016

  • ↑ 128%

    Incoming Messages

  • ↑ 94%

    Incoming Conversations

  • ↑ 221%

    Response Rate

  • ↓ 11%

    Average Handling Time