Creating, Crunching, Capacity: The AI Bots Enhancing Data Analytics

Steve Davies May 21, 2024

The beauty of artificial intelligence (AI) is its flexibility. On the front line in the contact center, AI can handle entire interactions without the need for human input or guide an agent through a tricky call to a positive resolution.

The same engagement data that AI crunches to increase agent capacity can also be wielded by your data analysts, just in a different way.

Large organizations collect data from millions (or billions) of interactions every year. Analysts are then tasked with finding insights, trends and anomalies in that information to shape data-driven CX strategies.

With so much data to explore, it seems reasonable to hope for a helping hand. Which is where Verint’s AI-powered bots come in.

At every stage of the employee experience, Verint’s bots are designed to augment the human workforce. They give our customers’ analysts extra capacity to apply their expertise. Here are three examples of how Verint can be a data analyst’s best friend.

Transcription Bot

The completeness of your engagement data dictates the quality of your insights.

Because of this, the Transcription Bot is among the most important of Verint’s AI applications when looking to build data-driven insights. It transcribes 100% of customer calls with a comprehension accuracy above 90%.

When combined with interaction data from every digital channel, it gives analysts access to an ever-increasing source of customer behavior data.

Much like analysts use the Transcription Bot to enhance their capabilities, the application has its own assistant (of sorts). The Transcription Tuning Bot automatically trains on an organization’s engagement data and updates the AI model with specific business terms and phrases.

Working in tandem, the two bots ensure that the accuracy of customer transcription is continuously increasing.

By analyzing these precise transcripts, analysts can more easily understand customer interactions by channel and any challenges they encounter. They can also determine how effectively bots and agents are resolving customer issues.

Consolidating these insights with other behavioral data makes it easier to visualize customer journeys and build successful CX strategies.

Intent Discovery Bot

If you have detailed information about what a customer wants, the quality of service you can provide will only improve. Verint’s bots monitor 100% of voice and digital interactions, which makes it possible for the Intent Discovery Bot to do its thing.

This bot makes your analysts’ lives more straightforward because it detects, classifies and organizes popular customer intents extracted from customer engagement data. Armed with that context, analysts can recognize which are the most high-value intents and use these insights to improve conversational AI and self-service experiences.

The bot provides data which reduces the time and effort required to build or update Intelligent Virtual Assistants with new use cases, which elevates CX and increases containment.

Data Insights Bot

Your team of analysts are expert enough to unearth key customer trends, but providing them with AI-powered bots makes it happen much more quickly and at scale.

Verint Open Platform helps to unify all your engagement data in a single hub, and the Data Insights Bot makes it easy to unearth actionable insights.

The bot gives you self-service access to rich engagement data across the enterprise.

Users can ask the bot a question, and it uses natural language understanding and generative AI to pull out the requested insights—as well as other trends and anomalies relevant to the question.

The bot simplifies data access and analysis by presenting engagement data insights in easy-to-understand visualizations. In turn, this enables data-driven decisions and increases a company’s productivity by expanding access to data insights beyond just the data scientists.


Analysts no longer need to sift through millions of customer engagement datapoints to unearth insights that can steer a company’s CX strategy.

Verint’s AI-powered bots make it easy to identify trends and anomalies, meaning analysts have a greater capacity to deliver more AI outcomes for your organization.

Discover which bots can help you achieve these outcomes today.