Workforce Management Essentials

Affordable, feature-rich contact center software solution designed to optimize employee forecasting and scheduling.

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Workforce Management made easy

Verint Workforce Management (WFM) Essentials is a great place to start your CX Automation journey. The solution can help you easily transition from manual scheduling with spreadsheets to real-time automation with robust functionality and fast time to value. WFM Essentials makes forecasting and scheduling easier for you and your employees. Managers benefit from:

  • Predefined events and prebuilt scheduling rules based on decades of experience with contact centers of all sizes
  • Out-of-the-box key performance indicators (KPIs) and workflows
  • AI-powered automation rules for managing overtime, voluntary time-off, shift change requests, and more

The cloud deployment with prebuilt events and scheduling rules alleviates the administrative burden of building a staffing model from scratch, helping you get up and running in record time.

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Cloud-based forecasting and scheduling

Verint WFM Essentials is an affordable, feature-rich contact center software solution deployed in the cloud. It enables small and medium-sized businesses to quickly build forecasting models, capacity plans and automated schedules without a large upfront investment or painful hardware or software implementations.

Ensure you have the right number of agents to take care of your customers every hour of every day with advanced forecasting and scheduling capabilities. Automate time-consuming tasks like:

  • Forecasting for voice as well as digital communication channels
  • Creating schedules that optimize agent availability, work rules, skills, holidays, breaks, service levels, and budgets
  • Scheduling for both inbound and outbound calling
  • Managing employee time-off requests in an easy-to-use online system
  • Capturing actual activities throughout the day and transforming actual volumes, handle times, and other factors into measurable performance KPIs
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Flexible request management

Managing time-off requests doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming process. Support your employee’s work-life balance by providing them with access to self-service features to easily:

  • Check schedules
  • View vacation availability
  • Submit and track requests for time off
  • Receive status updates on their requests
  • Bid for shifts

Mobile access to speed requests

Empower your employees to be able to manage their schedules even on the go. Verint WFM Essentials’ modern interface and native mobile application, MyVerint app, provides contact center staff with mobile access to a variety of scheduling and request management activities.

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Scalable features that fit your contact center needs

As your contact center grows, you can upgrade to Verint WFM Enterprise for additional forecasting and scheduling functionality, such as:

  • Extended workload forecasting automation
  • Hiring plan optimization
  • Flexible omnichannel scheduling
  • Customizable scheduling rules and activities

In addition, with Verint WFM Enterprise you’ll gain access to specialized, AI-powered Bots:

  • The Verint Interviewing Bot, which can speed up the hiring process and help you find the right employees.
  • The Verint TimeFlex Bot, which empowers agents to manage their schedules and make in-the-moment adjustments that still meet the business’s needs without involving their manager.
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