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Enable “virtual” walk-around management in a remote world.

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Increase employee focus and time spent in production

Customer Success with Operations Visualizer

The largest US non-profit health insurer improves operational success.

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Case Study - Customer Success Story

“Verint Workforce Engagement has helped us create a holistic management and reporting structure across our entire customer service operations – both contact center and back office – to drive operational efficiencies and improve the CX.”

Start Your Back-Office WFM Journey

Trying to extend a workforce management practice to the back office can be daunting due to its complexity. A great starting point is to capture how employees are spending their time and compare this data to their schedules and expectations for time-in-production.

Verint Operations Visualizer quickly gives managers valuable insights and a structure for layering on workforce management capabilities in a way that adds value and ROI at every step.

Increase Employee Time Spent in Production

Help employees minimize distractions and focus on production and service-related tasks. Give back-office employees and managers real-time visibility into how time is being spent against time-in-production goals.

Transparency empowers employees to self-correct behaviors before interventions. Managers gain valuable insights to help target coaching, troubleshoot challenges, and improve employee productivity.

Customer Success Story: Digital Financial Services Company

Enable Virtual Walk-Around Management

Walking around the office to visually collect data and assess productivity is no longer feasible with remote workers, functional silos, disparate systems, and different processes.

Verint Operations Visualizer enables you to gain operational visibility and control. Real-time employee activity is captured from the desktop and translated into key performance metrics. Managers now have a data-driven, “virtual” replacement for walk-around management in back-office operations.

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Unlock Hidden Capacity

Capacity can get lost in the lapsed time as employees switch between different types of work, systems and processes. Capacity can also get diverted to daily administrative activities like meetings, training, and other distractions that take time away from production-related work.

Real-time activity reporting can quantify the lapsed, admin and idle time, “unlocking” hidden capacity and identifying opportunities to improve employee productivity.

Improve Employee Productivity and Capture Hidden Capacity

Build Employee Trust and Engagement

Having an objective, trusted data source for employee activity removes any perceived biases on a manager’s part, and creates a level playing field for all staff. Employees can feel confident they are being measured equitably on the same date and metrics as their peers.

Learn the story of an insurer who used Operations Visualizer to categorize employees and create specific managerial approaches for each employee type.

Do You Have an Employee 35?

Protect employee privacy

Capturing application usage data from the employee’s desktop can also raise privacy concerns among your employees.

Operations Visualizer does not use screen grabs, so there’s little chance personal information will be captured. And by grouping applications as production-related and non-production related, the specific URLs of sites visited are masked.

Employees can be confident that their personal information is not being captured and shared with their managers.

Expand Your Capabilities

Back offices are evolving, with some organizations further along the maturity path than others. How modern are your operations?

  • Paperless: Work is digitized
  • Task Automation: RPA and Intelligent BPMs
  • Real-time Visibility: Enable virtual walk-around management
  • Productivity: Automate capacity planning and productivity measurement
  • Optimization: Automate work and resource allocation, quality and process compliance

Move from real-time visibility to productivity with Verint Operations Productivity.

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