Enhancing compliance oversight

Evolving organizations often use disparate systems and communications infrastructures in different departments, which can make regulatory compliance efforts even more challenging. Discover how you can create an effective compliance program that improves operational assurance and compliance oversight.

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Verint helps financial services organizations transform their compliance operations and confidently navigate through increasingly complex trading regulations. 

Common financial compliance challenges

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    At the board level the most significant challenge was with the volume of change at the top, and meeting regulatory expectations was third.

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    In 2020, Regulatory Intelligence reported 257 average daily regulatory alerts across 190 countries.

  • 56%

    56% of compliance executives cited the increased adoption of automation as the biggest future trend in the years ahead.

Mitigating the risk of missing compliance failures across complex systems

Performing proactive communication monitoring, infrastructure testing, and compliance checks to prevent failures is a resource hungry task. Keeping up with changes in HR systems, communication channels, and regulatory requirements is putting significant weight on IT and compliance teams.

Ensuring that your team has an oversight covering the communications environment, policies, and regulated users can be an overwhelming exercise. This problem is multiplied when your organization has complex deployments at locations in different geographical regions.

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Demonstrating that you have the necessary compliance measures in place

The extent of data that needs to be captured, stored, and properly managed across various systems makes it hard to locate and retrieve legacy communication records and the related data in a timely manner. Compliance, audit, and IT teams often struggle with retrieving data from different sources in an auditable format.

This can easily result in firefighting once your organization needs to respond to regulatory requests and prove that all required compliance practices are in place.

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Gaining a single view of operations, processes, and adherence

Your organization’s efficiency can be hindered by disconnected communication between business units and the compliance function. IT teams are not always aware of the latest regulatory expectations, while compliance officers often lack an overall view of the state and health of systems, licenses, compliance alerts, and performance issues. Unified reporting around trends, anomalies, and events are often missing, making it hard for IT and Compliance teams to gain actionable insights. At the same time, executives require coherent dashboards for better decision-making.

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The solution is at hand

By using Verint Financial Compliance, your business can use automation to monitor system health, inventory, status, and performance across each supported communication and recording service.

Build compliance oversight over your critical infrastructure

The Verint Financial Compliance suite enables you to monitor your entire compliance and communication infrastructure across various tools and channels. Set up your own policy rules and ensure that you comply with internal and external regulations.

Enhanced with real-time tracking, alerting, and policy matching features, this solution automatically spots any irregularities. By monitoring, testing, and verifying systems, communication streams, and endpoints across the business, Verint helps you automate your compliance assurance and build comprehensive compliance oversight

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Automate checks and balances to reduce risk

Meet monitoring and testing requirements more effectively. Verint Financial Compliance enables you to automatically test audio quality on handsets, validate communication flows, and assure interaction recording without human intervention. This way critical communications are being captured as per recording policy. An intuitive dashboard view is provided for administrators and managers to be aware of call recording issues and affected endpoints.

You can save time and effort and let your staff focus on more complex, value-added tasks.

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Enable better decision-making through actionable intelligence

Forget the struggle of collecting information scattered across your organization and increase oversight with insightful reports and visualized dashboards.

Verint’s solution enables you to ensure that your entire infrastructure is working properly and prevent the escalation of irregularities into serious issues. Get a thorough insight into your systems, endpoints, alerts, changes in a single pane of glass view. Use real-time metrics for actionable, auditable insights with instant reports on detected issues and global service performance.

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    In financial services it is imperative that you capture, secure, analyze, and understand all regulated interactions — across all channels and communication modes. Verint Financial Compliance makes all of your interaction data available for analysis in a unified and cohesive way.

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Industry Recognition

  • Most Innovative Regulatory Compliance Monitoring, A-Team Innovation Awards 2023

  • Best Compliance Product at UC Today’s UC Awards 2022Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, TradingTech Insight Awards

  • Microsoft Certified Microsoft Teams Recording Solution