Verint Helps Motability Drive to an Agile and Engaging Future

Motability Operations is making certain that its 700,000 customers, many with complex disabilities, receive an exceptional experience when they engage with the company. The UK organization has created “The Customer Forum,” underpinned by Verint Speech Analytics, to help managers better understand specific topics related to the customer journey.

  • Surfaced actionable insights used to reimagine the customer journey.

  • Grew Forum tenfold since launch.

  • Created a powerful means of championing the customer experience.

About Motability Operations

Motability Operations helps people with disabilities achieve greater independence, giving them access to affordable, worry-free mobility. The organization leases cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles, scooters, and powered wheelchairs in exchange for a mobility allowance.

Motability Operations is staffed by 300+ advisors who take more than one million inbound calls each year. The company works with a wide variety of suppliers to best aid its customers and their often complex journeys.

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Bringing customer-centricity to the next level

The business uses Verint Open Platform including Speech Analytics to transcribe and analyze customer calls, with speaker-separated transcription for these interactions. This has helped Motability better understand what occurs on calls, since agents typically do not work from scripts. Instead, agents are encouraged to use their personal empathy during customer engagements.

“Our challenge was to bring customer-centricity to the next level,” says Josie Phillips, speech analyst at Mobility Operations. “The business wanted to leverage automated sentiment analysis to identify warning trends impacting customer experience and proactively identify coaching opportunities.”

The aim was to transcribe 100 percent of recorded calls to automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, and themes. Simultaneously, Motability wanted to improve quality monitoring by reviewing large samples of calls. Reducing agent handle time and repeat calls was a complementary goal.


Champion the Customer Experience

Motability Operations deployed Verint Speech Analytics, part of Verint Open Platform, to maximize the volume of insights from every interaction. This includes:

End-to-End Innovation

Motability used Verint Speech Analytics to create 200+ categories and champion the voice of the customer. The best-of-breed CX automation solution provides the company with a complete picture of what’s driving customer sentiment across its voice channel. The Motability team can capture and deliver unified insights hidden in customer interactions, connecting sentiment, categories, and alerts from siloed systems.

Categories are both broad-based (e.g., renewals, customer experience, applications, etc.) and niche (e.g., power of attorney, appointees looking after bookings, etc.). Categories also explore modern issues such as fuel price rises and electric vehicle ownership.

“Our categories look out for positive language, which can be passed onto agents to help drive employee learning, experience, and satisfaction,” notes Phillips.

“The Customer Forum”

Motability created a forum for managers to share findings directly from Verint Speech Analytics and drive efficiency. Each month, a topic is chosen and explored in Verint Speech Analytics, representing the customers’ voice and providing suggestions that could improve the customer journey.

Each forum topic is chosen using speech category reporting, monitoring external current events, and by gathering input from stakeholders. This ranges from “electric vehicles” and “supply issues” to “cost of living” and “customer payments.”

Initially, the exploration of topics revolved around listening to 20 to 30 calls from one category. This grew to include cross-category analysis. For example, customer data captured and tagged to calls via Verint Desktop and Process Analytics enabled the inclusion of customer profile analysis and other data such as complaints and customer experience surveys.

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Grew Customer Forum Tenfold

Using Verint Speech Analytics, Motability has seen significant benefits. These include:

  • Significant growth in customer forum: Motability has grown its customer forum tenfold, both in participants and importance. Many areas of Motability’s contact center now rely on hubs, graph packs, and reports showcasing Verint Speech Analytics data.
  • Actionable insights: The forums lead to actionable recommendations, like call deflection, that can improve the business.
    • Changes to IVR: By identifying common queries on a subject, the team was able to advise how IVR messages could be adapted to best match the queries.
    • Changes to the website: Motability analyzed the information customers were seeking over the phone and then evaluated its website for that information. If information was missing or needed improvement, the team would recommend these changes. As a result, it reduced unnecessary calls and improved the customer journey.
  • Process improvements: By highlighting customer suggestions for process improvements, Motability adapted its agent self-help tools and provided extra training where required.
  • Granular detail: By referencing individual calls during the forum, the team provided stakeholders with detailed insight that they couldn’t get elsewhere. Call metrics can be shared with management to ensure the customer case can be brought back on track and relevant coaching can be provided to advisors.
  • Continued monitoring: Where the goal is to reduce call volume or duration, Motability can measure it prior to the forum and then continue to monitor the call stats after changes are made. This gives management insight into the real ROI from Verint Speech Analytics data.
  • Customer praise: Besides focusing on problematic areas, Motability can also highlight what teams are doing right. Customers are full of compliments for advisors. By drawing attention to these via Verint Speech Analytics, the compliments can be fed back to agents to remind them of what a great job they are doing.

“Verint is a game changer,” Phillips concludes. “Verint Open Platform and best-of-breed Verint Speech Analytics enables us to really understand our customers’ sentiment, which we use to sharpen our customer centricity.”

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