Marketing Solutions Provider Reimagines Multichannel Customer Service with Verint Open Platform

The marketing solutions leader uses AI-powered CX automation to provide its thousands of customers with the best possible service.

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  • Eliminated application silos with an open platform.

  • Increased efficiency of quality evaluations through automation.

  • Improved quality and compliance of customer interactions.


As a company that grew through mergers and acquisitions, this marketing solutions provider struggled with a complex ecosystem of disconnected applications. To improve its quality of service while simultaneously lowering costs, the company turned to Verint Open Platform. Now the brand serves customers across channels using a team of humans and bots working together, so it can:

  • Accurately transcribe 100 percent of calls to better understand customer needs, trends, sentiment, and more.
  • Use AI to automatically perform quality evaluations, eliminating compliance blind spots and improving interaction quality.
  • Ensure the right people are scheduled at the right time to meet customer needs across contact centers spanning any telephony system.
  • Provide in-the-moment guidance for agents to reduce escalations, improve customer sentiment, and guide interactions to positive outcomes.
  • Capture, aggregate, and unify data to better track and improve agent performance.

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marketing service provider


Serving thousands of clients across several industries, this leading marketing solutions company offers impactful marketing services fueled by a powerful combination of intelligence, data, and technology. The company amplifies how its broad portfolio of marketing solutions benefits brands and businesses, helping its clients drive superior customer experiences and improve bottom-line results.

Following several acquisitions, the company was forced to work with different customer engagement technologies from a variety of vendors, with many of the solutions incompatible. This resulted in unacceptable inefficiencies in serving clients and a cumbersome internal technology management challenge. In turn, the organization’s approach to quality and performance management had to pivot and be radically transformed.


To provide superior service to customers and simplify its internal technology stack, the marketing solutions leader standardized on Verint Open Platform. Today, the company is leveraging a full stack of best-of-breed Verint engagement solutions in a hybrid deployment model, including Verint Quality Bots (formerly known as Verint Automated Quality Management), Verint Coaching Bots (formerly known as Verint Real-Time Agent Assist), Verint Speech Analytics, Verint Workforce Management, and Verint Performance Management.

With Verint Open Platform, the company is taking advantage of enterprise-grade features and functionality aimed at enabling and driving CX automation. This includes using Verint Quality Bots for automated call evaluation and scoring, as well as form capabilities for call readiness, FTC verbiage, monitored and recorded statements with transcriptions, hidden questions, annotations, download results, and flags/alerts.

Additionally, the organization is further maximizing CX automation by:

  • Transcribing 100 percent of recorded calls with Verint Speech Analytics, automatically surfacing key call trends and customer insights to drive customer experience improvement initiatives. The company also added powerful phonetic boosting, further strengthening the solution’s already outstanding transcription and comprehension accuracy.
  • Ensuring the right people are scheduled at the right time to meet customer needs via Verint Workforce Management. The open and best-of-breed solution seamlessly integrates with virtually any telephony environment, providing a powerful, future-proof scheduling solution.
  • Providing agents with innovative, in-the-moment guidance for complaints, escalations, and direct and indirect threats with Verint Coaching Bots. With the solution listening to customer calls as they happen and automatically assisting agents via triggers and notifications, the company can ensure the delivery of more positive call outcomes.
  • Using Verint Performance Management to capture and aggregate data into a unified framework for tracking, managing, and improving performance. This includes insights from 100 percent of calls, as well as the automatic assignment of agent coaching, thanks to Verint Quality Bots.

“Verint is enabling our contact center to use the best of both worlds—human and machine capabilities—to scale our quality and performance management operations and provide our customers with the best possible service.”

Senior Manager of Quality and Performance Development, Leading Marketing Solutions Company


The marketing solutions leader’s customer engagement technology transformation is supporting a host of contact center improvement objectives. The company is maintaining high-quality customer service while assessing and improving processes; facilitating visible accountability for performance; sustaining quality standards; improving service effectiveness; and creating a record of transaction to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

The transition to work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic created some initial challenges since employee home environments weren’t optimized for sound quality. In addition, the oversight of remote employees versus those in a centralized office was more challenging, which made measuring compliance with disclaimers, disclosures, and similar statements a more difficult task. Considering this challenge, the company worked with Verint to develop and automate a best practice call readiness evaluation form. This enabled it to better monitor, address, and improve agents’ performance, compliance with processes and procedures, sound quality, and more.

“Using Verint Quality Bots and our best practice call readiness form, we are collecting great data,” explains the firm’s senior manager of quality and performance. “Every two hours we receive updates on the agents and calls receiving low scores. This has enabled us to do everything from provide targeted coaching where necessary to address issues such as background noise.”

Overall, the organization has experienced a renaissance with Verint Open Platform and best-of-breed engagement solutions that has enabled it to improve the service it delivers to its customers. The senior manager of quality and performance continues, “The open, best-of-breed solutions we have from Verint are so much more intuitive and have enabled us to improve both digital and agent-assisted service to our customers. It is ‘night and day’ compared to the siloed technologies from different providers that we were using in the past.”

Thanks to Verint Da Vinci AI-powered solutions like Verint Quality Bots, Verint Speech Analytics, and Verint Coaching Bots, the marketing solutions leader continues to drive CX automation, delivering faster ROI to the business and elevating service to customers across channels.

“Verint is enabling our contact center to use the best of both worlds—human and machine capabilities—to scale our quality and performance management operations and provide our customers with the best possible service,” the senior manager concludes.

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