Startek Elevates Customer Experience with Verint Speech Analytics

Startek leverages Verint Speech Analytics to analyze emerging trends and, in turn, enhance CX for its clients’ customers.

The results

  • Automated analysis of calls, transforming from manual call disposition to unified AI-driven analytics.

  • Improved first contact resolution (FCR) by 4% and eliminated agent after-call work.

  • Increased quality scores and achieved customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores consistently above target.

Identify areas of opportunity and pinpoint customer concerns

As a global provider of tech-enabled customer experience (CX) management solutions, digital transformation, and technology services to leading brands, Startek is committed to impacting clients’ business outcomes by enhancing customer experience through digital and AI enablement across all touchpoints and channels. Present in 13 countries, Startek has more than 43,000 CX experts servicing clients across a range of industries, including banking and financial services, telecom, retail, healthcare, and travel.

Startek works with leading CX technology providers to identify and deploy the most effective solution for each client’s unique needs. This suite of tools leverages many customer engagement solutions, including those provided by Verint.

Deriving actionable insights from 100 percent of calls is a challenge for any contact center, even when calls are recorded. Many contact centers employ an ad hoc approach to call listening, meaning many recorded calls will never be reviewed and valuable coaching moments will go unactioned.

Startek recognized that technology could eliminate the need for manual call listening and derive meaning from unstructured voice data to maximize the valuable information contained within each call. Today, leveraging Verint Speech Analytics, Startek can transcribe the majority of recorded calls to analyze emerging trends, identify areas of opportunity, and pinpoint customer concerns, in turn enhancing CX for its clients’ customers.

About Startek

Startek manages more than 500 million interactions every year. In this fast-paced environment, Startek agents connect with a broad range of customers across a variety of languages, industries, and regions. Ongoing feedback and call coaching is essential for each agent’s success in driving positive customer outcomes.

Deploying Verint Speech Analytics enabled Startek to move away from call sampling to identifying call drivers and their root causes through advanced AI-powered speech analytics. Additionally, by automating call disposition, Startek has implemented a rigorous and unified approach to categorizing interactions within pre-defined topics, further improving understanding of call drivers.

“As a global CX solutions provider, our agents support brands across regions,” says Abhinandan Jain, chief digital officer at Startek. “In this environment, it is essential for the agent to immediately identify and understand voice-based cues, and effectively understand each caller regardless of local accents or regional dialects. Verint Speech Analytics identifies customer sentiment and supports agents by flagging whether the caller is, for example, happy, frustrated, or angry. This insight enables agents to quickly take appropriate action to deliver the best possible experience.”

Deliver more empathetic experiences with Verint Speech Analytics

Verint’s professional services and product teams collaborated with Startek to identify specific requirements, which included multiple lines of business and end customers speaking local dialects. Through this close collaboration, Verint designed customized language models that Startek rigorously tested to ensure detailed, actionable analytics outputs. Verint also provided Startek with very effective training and enablement sessions encompassing two distinct end-user languages.

“World-class CX relies on the right combination of people, data, and technology,” explains Jain. “Speech analytics supports agents, enabling them to focus more attention on the customer and deliver a more empathetic experience. But to have impact, agents must understand the technology and how it adds value. Along with using Verint Speech Analytics, we invest in agent training to ensure our people are skilled at using the technology and are proficient in using the insights delivered to shape their interactions with customers to build long-term relationships.”

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Improve key performance indicators and enhance CX

The Startek objective was to provide agents with tools that empower them to deliver a better customer experience through the analysis of conversations and next best action recommendations. In this way, Startek aimed to improve key performance indicators (KPIs), enhance CX, and guard against process failures.

By deploying Verint Speech Analytics, Startek agents are relieved of the burden of categorizing customer contacts, eliminating the need for costly after-call work and enabling them to focus more attention on customers and their needs.

Through automated call categorization, Startek can quickly uncover call drivers and associated trends. The trends identified can easily be analyzed over intervals, such as month or quarter, in line with business needs. In addition, leveraging Verint Speech Analytics to automate the analysis of the majority of calls enables Startek to move away from manual call sampling and the potential for inconsistency or bias inherent in this approach.

agent on a call

Understand the drivers behind customer calls and derive actionable insights

Business insights are driven exclusively based on data in near real time and hybrid language models customized to meet the needs of specific Startek processes and analytics requirements. Together, this drove the required engagement output, including achieving the desired unified average handle time (AHT) and the ability to pinpoint the drivers behind both downward and upward call trends.

Advanced dashboards give Startek and its clients heightened visibility and insights into category trends and term trends along with their respective call volumes. Using these dashboards, Startek can compare performance metrics from an organizational level and drill down to an agent level. Additionally, agents can better understand their roles and performance.

“Startek leverages Verint Speech Analytics to provide a deep understanding of the drivers behind customer calls and derive actionable insights into how agents can deliver the best experience,” Jain concludes. “In this way, the solution helps us to keep pace with changing customer needs and ensure that every call is a coaching moment that enables our agents to continue to learn and grow.”

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