Leading Private Education Provider


  • Increased productivity by 5% to 15% in various back-office departments.

  • Optimized back-office staffing, reducing headcount by 11% through attrition while maintaining service and productivity levels.


A large private education provider, this company offers undergraduate, graduate, professional development, and other educational programs and services to working adults in the U.S. and in many other countries across the globe.

Through the use of Verint Workforce Management, the company has been able to “right-size” contact center operations to more effectively meet student demand. Helping it achieve considerable cost savings, it uses the Verint solution to create optimal schedules for over 6,000 employees.

Given its successful use of Verint Workforce Management within its contact center environment, the education leader aimed to drive similar efficiencies within Student Financial Services Operations (Financial Services) and the Office of Admissions and Operations (Admissions), two critical areas where employees handle calls and off-phone processing work.

Specifically, the company wanted to improve the overall student experience by meeting or exceeding students’ turnaround expectations on inquiries and applications. However, neither Financial Services nor Admissions had the tools and processes in place to effectively manage work volumes against turnaround goals. With the two groups dependent on each other to execute work, the lack of dynamic backlog management often had a less than desirable domino effect, with volumes in Admissions leading to delays in Financial Services, which, in turn, impacted the organization’s ability to address student applications and inquiries in a timely manner.


To help gain visibility into employee activity, create a baseline of the “as is” state of operations, and establish processing times for high-volume, high-impact work types, the company initially deployed Verint Desktop and Process Analytics across Financial Services and Admissions. While the data generated through the use of the software indicated significant underutilized capacity, management within Financial Services and Admissions questioned the data’s validity given both groups’ historically conservative performance standards. To overcome this, the education leader engaged with the Verint project team to successfully validate the findings through onsite observation.

Next, the company expanded its use of Verint Workforce Management, including Forecasting and Scheduling, Data Capture, Work Item Tracking, and My Time functionality, to its Financial Services and Admissions groups. The combined data from Verint Desktop and Process Analytics and Verint Workforce Management, integrated with Verint Performance Management, enabled the company to compare actual versus scheduled volume, as well as measure these against performance standards.

The comparative data provided valuable actionable intelligence to Financial Services and Admissions management, eliminating any remaining credibility concerns surrounding the data and elevating tool adoption. With the insight, managers gained a clear understanding of opportunities to improve schedules to match volumes and increase utilization; balance workloads intraday to meet service goals; and increase employee skills and knowledge to meet revised performance standards.

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Using Verint Workforce Management and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, the education leader is able to more effectively manage work volumes and backlog across Financial Services and Admissions and more accurately schedule resources to meet demand. In addition, with visibility into performance via Verint Performance Management, front-line staff have the information needed to take action to improve efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, the company has seen productivity gains ranging from five to 15 percent.

With the establishment of more accurate and consistent processing standards, the company was able to “right-size” Financial Services and Admissions operations, reducing headcount by 11 percent through attrition while maintaining service and productivity levels. The education leader, including both Financial Services and Admissions managers and front-line staff, now has accurate visibility into performance, an easy and consistent method to manage availability and work exceptions, and accurate data to drive continuous improvement and operational decisions. Finally, the company has a repeatable and effective approach for future back-office implementations that decreases implementation time and increases speed of adoption.

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