Leading Grocery and General Merchandising Retailer

One of the largest grocery and general merchandising retailers in the world relied on two customer service centers, staffed by more than 1,200 employees, to handle general customer service inquiries on products.

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The results

  • Reduced the volume of customer emails received.

  • Reduced average handle time related to the servicing of customer emails.

  • Reduced overall call volume.

About the Leading Grocery and General Merchandising Retailer

One of the largest grocery and general merchandising retailers in the world relied on two customer service centers, staffed by more than 1,200 employees, to handle general customer service inquiries on products. However, with exponential growth through the addition of new lines of business and overseas subsidiaries, as well as Internet shopping, the organization was struggling to effectively manage customer contacts to resolution.

Additionally, the grocer was having a difficult time creating and providing a holistic view of all products and services available to customers. Hampering its efforts was an assortment of some 80 disparate business applications and legacy systems that its customer service agents had to navigate in an attempt to address customer needs.

Given these challenges, the opportunity was ripe for the company to overhaul its customer service platform, replacing several single-channel or point solutions with a fully integrated, multichannel, personalized customer service solution. Similarly, it was a chance for the company to add new customer contact channels to deliver a true omnichannel customer experience and meet the digital engagement needs of today’s consumer.

Overall, the grocer’s high-level objective was to deploy a solution to provide a single view of the customer, empower agents, integrate the store, contact center, and self-service experience, and provide cohesive multichannel access.

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Tactically deliver on high-level customer service objectives with Verint software

After thorough due diligence, the company purchased an enterprise-wide license for engagement management solutions from Verint, covering more than 2,000 contact center employees, 2,000 store employees, and more than 30 million self-service transactions per year. Offering a range of solutions, Verint helps simplify customer service by providing a single solution that spans channels, data, processes, and knowledge to create a joined-up, omnichannel customer service experience.

Specifically, the company implemented Verint Employee Desktop, Verint Knowledge Management, Verint Case Management, Verint Live Chat, Verint Web Self-Service, Verint Email Management, and Verint Whitemail Management

The Verint software gives the grocer key capabilities to strategically meet and tactically deliver on its high-level customer service objective. With Verint Knowledge Management and Verint Web Self-Service, the company can enhance issue resolution and increase contact deflection by presenting agents, as well as customers seeking assistance online on their own, with a consistent view of product information. At the same time, Verint Employee Desktop provides agents with a single workspace that brings together multiple business applications, making finding information simpler and, in turn, agents more productive.

Verint Live Chat enables the grocer to further drive cohesive multichannel access for customers through the introduction of a web chat customer service channel. And by replacing legacy systems with Verint Email Management and Verint Whitemail Management, the grocer can deliver a consolidated view of the customer, including past contact history and product information. All of this is supported by Verint Case Management, which helps the company facilitate the design and mapping of its many customer service processes to automate and optimize various customer journeys.

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The benefits

Following a successful implementation, where the Verint professional services team was highly engaged to ensure solution alignment with the business and its goals, the grocer has seen a number of financial benefits from its use of Verint’s solutions for engagement management.

Most notable, with the introduction of a new, modern customer contact channel via Verint Live Chat, the company was able to reduce customer email and customer call volume, resulting in significant cost savings. On top of this, using Verint Email Management, the company saved even more by reducing average handle time related to the servicing of customer email inquiries.

Finally, the grocer anticipates additional savings from contact deflection through the introduction of online customer self-service using Verint Web Self-Service and Verint Knowledge Management.

Beyond hard numbers, Verint provides the grocer the ability to personalize, automate, and effectively manage its multiple customer service processes and associated customer journeys. In turn, the organization has gained an in-depth and holistic view of the customer that it continues to use to help optimize the experience of its workforce and its customers across its customer contact channels.

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Featured Verint solutions

  • Knowledge Management

    Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, to enable self-service, improve the consistency and quality of answers, and achieve compliance with regulations and company processes.
  • Case Management

    Simplify and automate the execution of simple and complex business processes to support unpredictable demand from your customers and your organization.

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