Supporting multiple brands with a single Knowledge Management solution

Read how Auto & General leverages Verint Knowledge Management to break down knowledge silos and provide a single source of truth that helps to improve customer service across multiple brands.

The results

  • Improved customer satisfaction and reduced complaint numbers

  • Increased employee engagement and confidence

  • Improved business agility and compliance

Why Auto & General needed to modernize its approach to Knowledge Management

Auto & General is an underwriter and insurer providing a range of general insurance products in partnership with industry leading brands to deliver insurance solutions for their

Since 2000, Auto & General’s own brand Budget Direct has had “Insurance Solved” for more than three million Australians by offering multi-award-winning insurance coverage at a price that’s hard to beat.

Due to significant year-over-year growth, and a complex range of products and services being offered, knowledge content had been created and housed across multiple systems. This made it difficult for frontline team members to find relevant information easily during customer interactions and led to longer calls and inconsistent information being provided to

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Auto & General highlights areas of improvement using Verint Knowledge Management

In addition to the use of multiple outdated platforms, the approach to knowledge creation, design, and maintenance was often siloed by division or department. This resulted in duplication of content, inconsistency in design, different levels of knowledge maturity, and additional effort to maintain.

Auto & General identified the need to fundamentally change the way it thought about knowledge across its business. It also recognized that it had an opportunity to provide a single source of truth, improve customer service, and boost agility in its complex multi-brand environment.

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How Auto & General leverages Verint Knowledge Management

Auto & General began its knowledge transformation by selecting Verint Knowledge Management Professional for its new collaborative platform. The key aim was to improve customer interactions by making it easier for frontline team members and external selling partners to quickly locate relevant information.

The intuitive user interface, robust categorisation of content, and the ability to build and share templates or re-usable content segments made Verint Knowledge Management Professional the frontrunner when the insurer reviewed options.

Verint offered a knowledge platform that supported Auto & General’s current requirements, while having the capability to support future expansion as an enterprise-wide knowledge management solution.

Verint worked with Auto & General to provide knowledge consulting services and assisted in implementing best practice methodologies when creating and rolling out content to end users. This collaboration produced high-quality knowledge content, while ensuring a smooth rollout with maximum adoption.

The Benefits of implementing Verint Knowledge Management

Auto & General’s adoption of Verint Knowledge Management Professional delivered a user friendly, robust knowledge system. Frontline team members can now easily locate information and provide a better customer experience. 

Auto & General has seen multiple Verint Knowledge Management benefits since launching the Verint solution, including: 

  • Improved business agility:Changes to processes can be rolled out within hours not days, with the system acting as a targeted coaching tool
  • Reduced customer complaints: Providing clear and correct information to customers, along with creating an improved complaints workflow, allowed the business to set clear expectations with customers and equip agents with the tools needed to effectively manage complaints.
  • Increased user confidence:Employee engagement scores improved, and agents advised that using the new platform saved them time, reduced confusion, and improved performance.
  • Improved compliance and regulatory position: Advanced workflow designs enable quick updates for large compliance changes. In addition, this enables Auto & General to monitor whether key compliance information is being advised to customers.
  • Identify improvement opportunities: Reporting capabilities highlight knowledge gaps and identify areas where knowledge and processes can be added, changed, or improved. 

Auto & General also reaps the benefits of iterative functional improvements and continuous security and stability enhancements from Verint Customer Engagement Platform.

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