What’s the Secret to Exceptional Customer Experience (CX)?

Lisa Preuss December 11, 2023

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions have emerged as a powerful tool to enhance CX—however, not all are equipped for the demands of an omnichannel world. Think about all the different ways customers interact with brands today.

How do your customers like to be contacted? Phone, email, SMS, LinkedIn message? Because there are dozens of popular channels these days, knowing how to use each for every customer is fast becoming a critical success factor.

Does that sound a little daunting? This is where an Open CCaaS platform comes into play—unlocking data and powered by AI to provide the tools and features businesses need to manage and optimize their customer interactions across all channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

How does it all work?

Dan Bodner, CEO of Verint and Andy Roberts, CEO of Sabio Group—partnering with Verint for more than 20 years—recently joined host and influencer Eric Kavanagh on an episode of his show InsideAnalysis to discuss this and more! 

You’ll hear about how cloud and AI technology coming together powered by data is the secret sauce for increasing CX Automation. Likewise, see how putting the right technology at the fingertips of agents at the right time leads to elevated customer experiences and better business outcomes.

Don’t miss the chance to gain these insights! Watch the discussion on YouTube or check out the podcast audio version.