Enterprise Social Network – All You Need To Know

Jon Allen March 21, 2021

We all have a favorite social network, the one we find the most useful for our particular needs, whether it be information-seeking, file-sharing, or quick and integrated instant messaging.

Social networks are inherently open, public spaces, available to anyone who wishes to sign up. Now imagine a private social network, only accessible by members of an organization, business, or club. This is essentially what an enterprise social network is, kept private to that particular organization. This can be extremely useful for businesses that require all the collaborative features and efficiency of a modern social network, without the public, potentially unsecured nature of them.

Why use an enterprise social network?

We’re inherently social beings, and so the modern enterprise workplace contains an abundance of varying formats of communication, both online and off. Talking to co-workers, making phone calls, sending emails – the list goes on. By compiling all of these channels of connectivity together into one interactive, easily accessible digital environment, you can reap the many rewards of enhanced, community-driven workspaces, helping to move your business forward through better connectivity, collaboration, and productivity.

Social intranets and forum communities as enterprise social networks

So just what form do corporate social networks take? Organizations can utilize a range of different social platforms, such as discussion forums and social intranets. Whatever works for your company, team, or department, can become a social network.

Feature-rich and dynamic – choose how you want to communicate

Depending on whether you want to communicate privately with one user, or openly collaborate and share information with a team, enterprise communities can be built with a multitude of different features. These can range from private direct messaging to blogging and shared resource libraries.

You may wish to use your enterprise social network to focus on individual staff profiles, allowing each member to individually interact with supplier and customer profiles.  Alternatively, you may use it as a knowledge-sharing base full of resources, or to provide mass communication and updates to teams across a business.

Whichever way you build, customize and adapt your social enterprise network, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is private, secure, and on your terms.

Verint Community – the best-of-breed community platform

From deploying a product group with multiple forums, to creating a custom blog and activity streams for your team, enterprise social networks from Telligent are dynamic, intricate systems that provide the foundations for a fully-tailored platform. Simply put, you can build your platform to suit the particular needs of your business, industry, or sector.

Although complex and customizable, Verint Community applications are simple and easy to configure through a specialist, non-technical management console. Alternatively, you can use Telligent’s Widget Studio to further customize your enterprise social network.

Feature-rich and fully customizable, Verint Community is built API first, meaning it can not only be molded to suit your organization’s needs but also to connect to third-party, external applications you might use, such as Sitecore, SharePoint, Lync, and many more. White-labeled for complete control and transformation, you can also use custom CSS to change the user interface and modify widgets to suit your business.

Speak to us about more information on enterprise social networks

Adopted and endorsed by large, well-respected enterprise brands, Verint Community is a best-of-breed social community platform that can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.

For more information on the platform, and to find out how a social network enterprise could benefit your business, get in touch with us today.