Verint Speakers in November: Elevating Retention and Delivering Enterprise-wide Innovation with AI

Susanne Pitts October 30, 2023

Reimagining Customer Experience: Structure Follows Strategy

November 1; DestinationCRM Webinar 

Join Verint’s David Singer, Global Vice President, Go-To-Market Strategy, at 2 p.m. ET. Wondering which strategies can truly transform your CX? Dive in with experts from Verint and Glance as they uncover the keys to deeply embedding customer experience within your organization’s fabric. Our discussion will cover:

  • Elevating CX through data-driven insights
  • The increasing imperative for automation amid growing interaction volumes
  • Visionary tactics blending digital with the human touch
  • Why centralizing human experience is non-negotiable.

AI Platforms to Deliver Innovation Across the Enterprise

November 6-9; KM World—JW Marriott, Washington, DC

Join Verint’s John Chmaj, Senior Director, KM Strategy, at 9:15 a.m. ET on the 9th for this keynote. How do companies deliver AI capabilities across their organization? How can an organization build and leverage AI tools without having to develop multiple intelligent technologies for different applications? What’s the best way for organizations to build and evolve the large datasets needed to drive the most powerful, emerging AI tools?

Centralizing AI capabilities into an enterprise data hub with reporting tools and advanced integration capabilities allows companies to leverage their investments more fully—bringing new and evolving AI capabilities into play quickly by leveraging a common data hub to build rich machine learning models. For knowledge management, this means organizations can build powerful new capabilities. Join us and hear how organizations are doing this today.

Elevate Employee Engagement and Retention with Hyper-Flexible Scheduling

November 7; Best Practices in Workforce Optimization Webinar—Workforce and Performance Management in conjunction with The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals

Join Verint’s Nick Mortimer, Vice President, Global Product Strategy and Verint’s Tim Buzza, Director Workplace Flexibility, at 1 p.m. ET. Learn how new innovative solutions allow you to provide the hyper-flexible scheduling your employees demand while still giving your customers the experience they need when contacting you. Join us to learn about solutions that:

  • Contain operational costs by improving employee schedule engagement
  • Deliver an engaging, empowered scheduling experience
  • Balance scheduling flexibility with demand volumes. 

Leveraging Voice of the Customer Analytics to Drive CX Automation

November 7–8; Reuters Customer Service & Experience East 2023—Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Verint’s Daniel Ziv, Vice President, Experience Management and Analytics, is presenting this 20-minute mainstage keynote on the 8th at 9:40 a.m. ET. As customer expectations rise and staffing levels remain flat, automation is your best option to continue providing a superior customer experience. The future of customer engagement requires organizations to leverage AI, and it begins with listening to your customers at scale, harnessing insights, and acting on that feedback in real time.

Join this session to hear how AI is driving the latest CX automation innovations and best practices for connecting silos to deliver a superior CX, including how to:

  • Use the latest CX automation platform to reduce customer effort and cost of service
  • Leverage inferred, indirect, and unstructured Voice of the Customer to listen, analyze and act faster
  • Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to customer feedback. 

Trends in AI-Driven CX Automation

November 8; Verint Roadshow—Westin Washington Dulles Airport

Join Verint’s Bridget Lange, Vice President, for What It Means to be a CX-first Organization 12:30 – 1 p.m. ET, then join Verint’s Chief Product Officer, Jaime Meritt, for Driving AI Impact for CX Success from 1 – 1:30 p.m.

This complimentary two-hour luncheon and networking event at 12 p.m. ET will spotlight our customers, partners, and industry experts as they discuss how to:

  • Improve CX in the face of new challenges around hiring, digital channels, and customer preferences
  • Embrace AI with a team of specialized bots that augment your human workforce
  • Future-proof your approach to customer engagement across channels.

City of Dreams or City of Nightmares—Proven Ways to Elevate Citizen Experiences

November 14; State of GovTech 2023—Crowne Plaza, Foster City, California (San Francisco)

Join Verint’s Scott Montgomery, Vice President, Public Sector, SLED, and Cody Short, Associate Account Executive, at 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. ET. This session will discuss advancements in GovTech that can help you keep up with constant changes and do more with less effort. Hear the benefits and concerns about AI technology, ways to build an infrastructure based on the best-of-breed solutions of your choice, and practical examples of how bots can augment your human workforce.

Hot Topics in Customer Analytics: Insight and Action

November 15; DestinationCRM Roundtable (Webinar)

Join Verint’s Roni Ravuna, Director, Go-To-Market Speech and Text Analytics, and Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy for Real Time Work at 2 p.m. ET. The digital transformation revolution has opened tremendous opportunities for those who can extract real value from all that data. Customer experience (CX), customer satisfaction, and key performance indicators (KPIs) are constantly monitored for insights and improvements. Real-time analytics can change the trajectory of interactions at their most critical points by suggesting the next best actions.

Analytics are also crucial for surfacing insights from many different and complex data sources. During this roundtable webcast, Roni and the other experts will help you gain insights from your customer data that will help you better understand your customers and their processes, and then use those insights to take well-informed actions. Learn more about:

  • Strategies for using interaction analytics to enhance CX across digital and voice channels
  • Ways to boost human performance with real-time coaching and bot support.