Vericast Chooses Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform to Further Enhance Customer Experience at its Contact Centres

Verint Team April 8, 2021

Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company, together with its Harland Clarke contact centre solutions, has selected the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform to enhance the agent and customer experience at its contact centres.

“We selected Verint due to the integrated nature of their solution and the holistic view they bring to customer, client and agent engagement,” said Barbara Riggan, VP of Technology, Vericast. “We are confident that moving to this solution will provide improved experiences for our clients and their customers. Verint’s cloud platform provides on-demand scalability, allowing us to better serve our clients and their fluctuating needs and to be there when they need us.”

As part of its move to the cloud, the Harland Clarke contact centre solutions team will implement several applications within the Verint Cloud Platform including Speech Analytics, Workforce Management, Gamification and Knowledge Management. These applications seek to increase agent engagement, efficiency and productivity, adapt faster in times of change and unlock the value of engagement data to provide better visibility into the customer journey.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our relationship with Vericast through its Harland Clarke contact centre solutions,” says Casey George, Verint’s SVP and GM Americas. “In addition to providing a holistic, integrated, cloud-based solution, our team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of their business and customer needs. I look forward to following their continued success.”

Verint’s Customer Engagement Cloud Platform connects work, data and experiences across the enterprise by drawing on the latest advancements in AI-powered automation, engagement science and connected data to meet ever-increasing, ever-shifting consumer interactions and demands. It enables our customers to build enduring relationships that scale across dozens of channels, many diverse customer journeys, and millions of consumer interactions.

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