The new Verint Experience Index: Electric Utilities

Verint Team August 24, 2020

The new Verint Experience Index: Electric Utilities report reveals that delivering on CX pays off for providers. Consumers who have a great experience have a:

Based on input from more than 6,200 electric utility customers, the report makes it clear that customers judge utility providers by the same experience yardstick they use for retail, banking, and other marketplace interactions: They expect convenience and personalization, and reward providers that deliver.

In the rankings of 25 top providers in the U.S., Florida Power & Light Co, Georgia Power Co., and XU Energy earn highest customer satisfaction (CSAT) marks from customers. Florida Power & Light and Georgia Power also finished first and second in the NPS rankings.

With COVID-19 impacting both utility customers and providers, the Index includes a special section on CX best practices utilities are using to overcome social distancing and economic challenges. Based on interviews with several utility CX teams, topics include contact center changes, adapting data collection, communication strategies, and other issues.

The High Cost of Digital Failures

While customers are still on omnichannel journeys—paying bills on web and mobile but calling the contact center about outages, for instance—digital self-serve should be a critical focus area for providers: Among respondents who reached out to the contact center, 42% tried digital first but couldn’t find what they were looking for or encountered technical issues.

If electric utilities could convert one-quarter of these digital failures to self-serve,they could save $945,000 for every 1 million contact center calls.

The report chronicles a number of other CX findings, including opportunities for cost savings in outage reporting, how the right combination of engagements can improve CSAT by more than 7 points, and that communication around product awareness could also improve company satisfaction.

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