Are you confident you can deliver a great CX in 2023?

In our most recent Engagement Capacity Gap™ research, organizations were divided in their confidence levels on how well they can engage their customers effectively in 2023. As we approach uncertain economic times, what choices allow some business leaders to still feel confident in their ability to deliver great CX? How well are you positioned for the coming economic challenges?

Watch this webinar to see Colin Shaw, Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC dig into the behavioral science analysis required to succeed in 2023. Colin is joined by Heather Richards, VP of Product Strategy and Go to Market at Verint, and they discussed:

  • Where leading organizations choose to invest when budgets are tightened
  • What customer behavioral data you should be collecting and analyzing
  • How automation, AI, and digital-first engagement can help close the engagement capacity gap

Watch now to hear this engaging conversation loaded with insights to help you redefine your CX strategy.


Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw
Founder and CEO, Beyond Philosophy LLC


Heather Richards

Heather Richards
VP of Product Strategy and Go to Market, Verint

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