The Myths Holding You Back from Heroic CX

Philip Enders Arden January 23, 2024

Myths are stories we tell about the past, the future and even the present. No one is immune to them entirely, especially when the myth is told to justify “how it’s always been done.”

At best, a myth is simply an embellishment or a false perception, but sometimes even these least egregious myths can hold businesses back.

We recently released our CX Myths Guidebook, designed to help you navigate three myths that are holding companies back from delivering industry-leading, exceptional CX. Now it is time to take up the mantle of a hero—let’s work together to slay these mythical beasts and put to rest the obstacles they pose.

For a full expedition into all three CX myths and how to tackle them, head over to the CX Myths Guidebook. In this blog, we’ll explore one of these three myths and how CX heroes can tackle them.

A Herculean Problem: The Myth of Siloed CX

When Hercules was made to perform labors for his cousin, he was eventually tasked with cleaning King Augeas’ stables. These Augean stables were the largest in Greece and were full of… let’s call it bad data.

When Hercules was tasked with cleaning the stables in one day, he unified the course of two rivers, flushing the… bad data… out. He broke down the banks of two rivers to make one larger river that also kept the stables clean.

The advice to break down silos in your organization has been around for years now. But it’s easy to give that advice and much harder to make it happen. There are even good reasons why these silos appear in the first place.

Someone who is a master of contact center activities might have no idea about how to improve the digital experience on the web or vice-versa. Perhaps that explains the common status quo.

Expert Teams Across the Business

When you look at your organization’s structure, you can see where you need improvements. Maybe wait times at the contact center are long, or too many people bounce from your homepage. Perhaps your customers don’t know about your loyalty program.

Whatever it is, there is usually a team responsible for that within the organization. Customer service might be responsible for the contact center, digital marketing perhaps manages the homepage and maybe you even have a CX loyalty team running the loyalty program.

In each of these teams, there are true experts in their fields with lots of experience. They might choose genuinely impactful channel tools to deliver a great customer experience in their area of expertise.

But there is one problem.

Customers don’t see your organizational structure—they see one organization.

Leverage Expertise with Unified CX

As powerful as any individual team may be, your organization’s customer experience is more than the sum of its parts. Working together to deliver a unified and cohesive experience, the separate teams can still do what they do best, while allowing seamless data flow and CX automation across the business.

To achieve that seamlessness, you need to invest in connecting your data and organization. That means aligning metrics, creating a single view of the customer and using data from one part of the business in another.

This might look like website data about the customer’s on-page experience being shared to their customer support profile. With that connectivity and after sufficient struggle or time on page you could dynamically trigger and deliver a “want to talk to a real person?” pop up when someone on your contact center team is momentarily free.

Because that silo is broken down and the customer service rep can see what’s already happened in the notes, they can quickly resolve this customer’s problem, delivering a truly exceptional and proactive experience.

If connections aren’t there, it’s impossible to make the customer experience truly seamless across the organization.

Break Down Silos and Conquer CX Myths with Verint Voice of the Customer Solutions

There are many myths that hold back customer experience. While we can’t give you a breakdown of every myth in one digestible document, the Customer Experience Myths Guidebook is designed to help you conquer three of the most pervasive myths impacting CX today.

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