Overcoming 5 Leading Retail Challenges Heading into 2024

CX practitioners face and overcome many challenges throughout the year, but heading into 2024, retailers have five things on their minds.

That is according to a survey conducted by Verint, which saw more than 400 retail industry executives share how they are planning to meet the annual surge in demand that occurs ahead of the holiday season.

Featuring Verint’s Senior Director, Imogen Wethered and VP of Experience Management and Analytics Daniel Ziv, this webinar covers expediting the hiring process, empowering customers through advanced chatbot solutions and creating harmonious connections between channels, data and experiences.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • Ways retailers can leverage AI-powered solutions to automate and speed the hiring process and find the best candidates.
  • How to empower customers to self-serve with sophisticated chatbots.
  • Strategies to connect channels – both digital and physical – data, and experiences to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all customer touchpoints.


Imogen Wethered

Imogen Wethered, Senior Director
Founder and Former CEO of Qudini (now Retail Choreography by Verint)


Daniel Ziv

Daniel Ziv, VP Experience Management and Analytics


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