What Social Media Software Should Your Employees Be Using?

Jon Allen March 4, 2022

With a wealth of integrated social media software platforms to choose from, it’s safe to say we’re spoiled for choice today. Whether it’s instant messaging we require, media sharing, discussion forums or a combination of all three, more and more organization workers are gravitating towards community-driven social applications to help with productivity, collaboration and customer service. 

Verint Community, our community-driven social application, is the market-leading, fully-customizable solution for organizations looking to evolve socially and reap the rewards that come with it. Read on to find out more about why Verint Community is the social media software that your employees should be using. 

Social media software that builds a customer community and self-resolves issues 

Customer feedback and service matters. It’s that simple. If your customers aren’t happy, then chances are that negative business effects will follow. Word gets around, communication becomes fragmented and the gap between your business and the customer widens. 

One sure way to avoid this kind of alienation is to create a solid sense of community and trust before anything goes wrong. Real-life communities harbor trust, and digital communities are no different. 

Verint Community can help to create a social community by hosting a place for your customers to ask questions, share experiences and even review your service. A discussion forum or interactive Q&A area, such as those available in Community, can show your customers that you exist, that you are real humans and you have a presence online. 

If you then handle the community queries correctly and people see that you’re actively participating and resolving issues, trust will soon build, and you can avoid creating a bad public image as a result of anxious and angry customers who feel neglected by a lack of service. 

Social applications for efficient task performance 

Digital makes everything smaller, quicker and more efficient. Forget the bigger picture for a moment and think about all the micro-tasks you carry out day-to-day in the workplace. This can mean anything from requesting information from an employee, to setting up a meeting and communicating with different teams on an ongoing basis. What Verint Community does is give you the tools and resources to quickly and easily complete multiple tasks and micro-tasks, such as communication and file sharing. 

These tasks would usually take up time and require multiple and different modes, mediums and methods of activity. Verint Community speeds up productivity with its efficient task performance features, such as chat, calendars, private messaging and activity streams. 

Feature-rich, all-in-one versatile social applications 

Above all, Verint Community pulls in all the above features into one single pane of glass interface. You can perform expansively different tasks without leaving the familiar environment of Community. Also, completely customized to your needs and preferences, your Telligent social media software configuration will be unique to your organization, carrying no extra unwanted weight or unnecessary features. 

Thinking of introducing social media software into your business? We’d love to talk to you 

With a highly-secure infrastructure and a feature-rich, fully-customizable function set, Verint Community can be the best-suited social media software application for your business. 

For more information on the platform, and to find out how it could benefit your business, get in touch with us today.