Select, Shorten and Share: Introducing the Knowledge Creation and Suggestion Bots

Steve Davies September 26, 2023

Contact center agents have a tough job. Customers expect them to be able to answer their queries accurately and quickly. So, unless the agent is blessed with a Sherlock Holmes-like mind palace, they need access to a knowledge management solution that is consistent, searchable and user-friendly.

Unfortunately, it’s expensive and time-consuming to migrate and summarize content that can be easily used for customer support. But without effective knowledge management, there’s a lack of consistency in agent responses, which impacts the quality of customer interactions and reduces first contact resolution.

Verint’s Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Suggestion Bots help to build easily digestible content for agents and ensure they have context-specific knowledge at their fingertips. Here’s how they leverage the latest AI technology to help deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Knowledge Creation Bot

To create a knowledge base that works for agents, organizations need a solution that’s able to create content swiftly and accurately. This is where the Knowledge Creation Bot comes in. It accelerates the turnaround of new knowledge articles by leveraging Chat GPT’s generative AI model to improve the focus and quality of long documents.

The process can begin from two points—either from an agent or an author:

Agent: Submits feedback from their desktop on content that needs editing, which is then sent to a knowledge author.

Author: Works on a pre-existing piece of content where the key information is difficult to find, highlighting the relevant sections to extract for the new article.

From here the bot gets to work, building a streamlined knowledge article through generative AI which is then reviewed and published, ready for agents to use.

By summarizing content buried in an organization’s knowledge base at the touch of a button, agents have readily accessible and digestible content to use during customer interactions. The bot enables:

  • Accelerated knowledge creation through auto summarization of long-form content
  • Simple incorporation of user feedback without the need for manual editing
  • Quicker knowledge authoring for pre-authored or spidered content.

The Knowledge Suggestion Bot

Having a more efficient knowledge base is only half the battle—companies still need to enable their agents to get the right answers at the right time for customers, with minimal effort. Verint’s Knowledge Suggestion Bot helps to showcase the excellent work done by its knowledge-creating sibling.

The bot suggests relevant knowledge in real time during customer interactions. It’s designed to provide instant access to information directly in the agent’s workflow, making it straightforward for agents to:

  • Effortlessly retrieve information: they can find the most relevant content without frustrating and time-consuming searches
  • Enhanced satisfaction: customer experiences are elevated by swift and accurate responses to queries
  • Improve their own efficiency: Agents can resolve issues faster, leading to shorter handling times and improved first contact resolution.

Share the Knowledge

Whether you’re making use of the Knowledge Creation Bot or the Knowledge Suggestion Bot, both enhance your company’s CX through industry-leading AI technology.

They improve both customer and employee experience by creating curated knowledge articles available in the moment, helping to increase first contact resolution, lower average handling time and shorten agent onboarding and training.

Learn more about how AI bots power Verint Open Platform.