See How Mastercard Introduces Verint’s Solution to Close Engagement Capacity Gap

Verint TeamMay 7, 2021
woman phone plants

We have been able to take the suite of tools that we have with Verint engagement management, and it’s created a dashboard for our agents, so no matter what type of calls or contacts, for that matter, come in, we can ensure that the interaction is handled exactly the same every time. We really been able to truly improve and deliver the same experience no matter what channel the customer comes, whether it’s email, chat, voice. We’re now deploying social media, and most people today are looking for that immediate feedback. They want to solve a problem when they want it solved, not at some later date.

Again, the gap that we were able to close is providing the knowledge to our agents, and the system, and the processes that allow them to give that response, the customer inquiry response, very timely within that first call, in most cases. We closed that gap. There used to be a gap where it would take us some time to respond, and now almost every call is a one-and-done, is what we call it. It’s an interaction. It isn’t truly a case that is escalated elsewhere. That really has helped us tremendously.

Because we have one tool, it allows us to really accelerate our training with our new agents and onboard them much, much more rapidly than we had in the past where we used to take about a six-week time to really train somebody on all of our systems and processes. We’re now doing about a two-week period of time, and all of our agents have access to a dashboard through Verint. Whether we’re measuring AHT, their quality scores, their attendance, whatever the drivers are, as long as they’re not too many, they’re looking at those drivers, and they’re really using those drivers.

What that all ends up at the very end for MasterCard is that your attrition rate drops dramatically with agents. If you’re typical you might have a 100% churn rate in your overall pool of talent in a call centre on annual basis depending on what kind of environment you are. We are far, far less than that. We are sub-2% attrition rate. When the pandemic hit countries worldwide, they were shutting down and sending people home to work. There were people that were not enabled to do that. Our tools with Verint was part of our suite that enabled that to happen. We were ready to do that.

We moved call centres within minutes. It wasn’t hours, it wasn’t days, it wasn’t weeks. We were moving calls in minutes, and that had to do with how people were– how we had our system set up, and how we had people skilled in our systems as well. It’s much more than just the tool. It is the tool that we have that, again, it’s a consistent delivery, no matter what channel they come in, and so our customers are satisfied.