Introducing Verint Community 13—the Latest Version of Verint’s Online Community and Self-Service Solution

Jon Allen May 1, 2024

Corporate-owned, online communities have evolved to become the trusted place for customers to self-serve, learn, connect with peers, get support, share best practices, and provide feedback about a company’s products and services.

For many companies, online community is the starting point for all customer interactions post-sale and the place to find knowledge articles and helpful resources. While there, customers can initiate a request for assistance via chat sessions with bots or agents or, if necessary, create a case that flows into their CRM system.

Communities are no longer just for customer-facing use cases. There is increasing demand to use secure, internal-facing, online communities for corporate communications, employee engagement, organizational alignment, employee self-service, peer-to-peer support, and soliciting feedback and suggestions from employees on ways to improve products, services, and processes.

This is why Verint recently released Verint Community 13 (2024 R1), the latest version of an industry-leading online community that includes a suite of new features:

  • to further enhance customer and employee engagement
  • to increase automation within and across integrated systems
  • to assess learning with scored quizzes, and
  • to personalize the user experience—whether the user is online or only available by email.

Verint Community is an online community and self-service solution within Verint’s CX Automation platform. It can be deployed as a standalone solution, embedded into or integrated with other systems, mobile apps, or web properties to make the user experience more interactive and engaging.

As an integral part of Verint’s CX Automation platform, Verint Community is designed to help elevate customer, partner, and employee engagement, improve customer service, and enhance digital marketing and social commerce.

Used by some of the world’s most trusted brands across many industries, this solution is proven to reduce support costs, improve CX, increase loyalty and revenue, and delight customers and partners.

Several semiconductor manufacturers use it for product updates, self-service, peer-to-peer support, and ideation. A leading camera and imaging company uses it to serve >500,000 consumers with expert support, instructional videos, and personal media galleries with blogs for people to share their love of photography.

The new features available in Verint Community 13 not only improve functionality—the solution is more integrated than ever with other Verint solutions in the CX Automation platform such as Knowledge Management, Voice of the Customer (or Employee), and Conversational AI.

Verint Community allows organizations to provide the tools and immediate access to knowledge and resources they need to delight their customers and employees while lowering support costs, increasing revenue through brand loyalty, and providing deeper insights about customer and employee interactions.

Verint Community 13 builds upon the successes of the previous releases, while also introducing a range of new tools. Highlights of the new features available are:

  • Zapier Integration: No-code automation and integration to 6,000+ apps and systems.
  • CredSpark Integration: Add scored quizzes, assessments, polls & more to any content or page.
  • Scripted Email Studio: Increased flexibility and control for customized, contextual emails
  • Dynamic Content Widgets: Improved CX personalization w/ dynamic, rules-based presentation of content based on authentication status and persona and role types.

For more details about this new functionality, check out the full list of new Verint Community 13 (2024 R1) features. Learn more about Verint Community and schedule a demo* with a Verint Community specialist right here.

(*Note: For an even faster response, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the “Reach out to a Verint Community Specialist” form.)