Forbes Comms Council: How CMOs Can Gain Command of the Customer Experience

Verint Team September 24, 2021

We can all probably name many ways the pandemic has wreaked havoc on both our personal and professional lives in the past 18 months. However, let’s also acknowledge that many opportunities have arisen—particularly in how organisations care for their customers. This has never been more important as their expectations continue to grow.

One opportunity worth exploring is becoming laser-focused on improving the customer experience. This is particularly critical now—a real gap exists between what organisations know they need to do and the resources they have to work with to meet rising customer expectations. While dramatic swings in customer behaviours and trends can make it challenging for companies to know what will work going forward, this looks clear: The increased use of digital channels is bound to continue.

A company’s chief marketing officer (CMO) helps drive the customer experience—and much like shifting customer dynamics and journeys, the role of the CMO is also undergoing a transformation given the customer engagement imperative. Verint CMO Celia Fleischaker knows a thing or two about transformation—she guided the company through a pandemic and a massive spin-off earlier this year of the company’s cybersecurity business.

She says today’s CMO is wise to champion the critical role digital experience plays in a company’s overall customer experience strategy. When it comes to shaping the future of customer experience, CMOs should adopt a “boundless” approach to understanding and improving experiences across the entire enterprise—including the digital realm—so companies can thrive in the engagement economy.

Celia offers four tactics that boundless CMOs can use to gain more command of customer experience initiatives in her new Forbes article.

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