Create a Seamless Customer Journey Across Channels

Mary Lou Joseph October 5, 2023

This past June Verint held our Engage 2023 Customer Engagement Conference.  Over 1,000 Customer Experience (CX) industry leaders attended this 3-day event in Vegas.  There were over 100 breakout sessions in which customers, partners, analysts and Verint experts presented on a broad range of topics, but three topics or themes stood out among the customer presenters:

  1. Creating a seamless customer journey across channels.
  2. Empowering the workforce with real-time data.
  3. Not only capturing but ACTING on customer feedback.

In this first of three blogs, we’ll feature the first theme: creating a seamless customer journey across channels.

Integrating Channels

Organizations across the world and in different industries are all struggling with the ever-growing number of interaction channels. Consumers expect to interact with brands on the channel of their choice and to be able to seamlessly transition between channels without having to repeat or re-authenticate themselves.

Our customers and our recent research agreed that failure to meet these expectations is not an option. The Verint “2023 State of Digital CX” report found that 69 percent of the over 2,000 consumers surveyed would change brands after just one bad experience.

Customers, like Chris Carter of Conduent, an IT services company, shared how Verint Platform is empowering them to capture interaction data across channels in real time to inform agents, smooth transitions, and meet consumers’ high expectations.

“Verint allows us to meet our customers where and when they need us to deliver the best possible outcomes.”

Chris Carter, VP, Head of Government Payment Operations at Conduent

Breakout session: Conduent Shares Best Practices in the Ever-Popular Voice Channel

And industry analysts agreed that while failure is not an option, most organizations have a long way to go toward providing a seamless customer journey.  Krishna Baidya, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, shared their research on the topic.

“There’s a wide span in maturity across organizations. Our 2023 survey1 revealed that 40% of companies are confident they are truly omnichannel. But customers aren’t experiencing that seamless delivery of service. Transfers still lack context; you often have to repeat yourself or start over from the beginning. I think most companies are still quite far away from the reality of what we, as customers, expect.”

Krishna Baidya, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

Engage 2023 Blue Lounge Interview

Read the report, Celebrating Innovation in CX Automation, to learn what Verint experts recommend organizations do to help create seamless customer journeys.

Download the report.

Look for the next two blogs on how to empower the workforce with real-time data, and act on customer feedback.


1 Navigating Digital Transformation in Contact Centers—A Customer Perspective, Global, 2023 to 2024, Frost & Sullivan, March 2, 2023