Automated Quality: Building a Compliance Culture | Verint Virtual On-Demand

Verint Team August 26, 2020

One of our top sessions from Verint Virtual 2020 is now available on demand! Join Siobhan Miller, VP Portfolio Market Strategy, as she showcases how to use automated quality management (AQM) to build a compliance culture.

Verint’s customers have successfully been using AQM to improve agent performance and improve interactions with their respective customers. After listening to feedback from these customers, we have learned that they are experiencing a variety of compliance challenges.

In this on-demand session, Siobhan covers how Verint has revamped AQM to help them address these challenges more quickly and easily. In this blog, we will take a look at four key topics on how to build a compliance culture with AQM:

  • Variability
  • Monitoring and Remediation
  • Simplify Compliance
  • Why Automate Quality?


The biggest challenge to any compliance program is variability. Compliance is all about risk, and the introduction of the human element introduces even more risk. A successful compliance program must ensure the following:

  • Coverage of every single interaction in the contact centre
  • Meeting a single, objective standard
  • Processes that are repeatable

Organizations are failing to meet compliance needs because even though we listen to calls and look at interactions all the time, around 90% of all calls still don’t get listened to. With ever-changing processes, multiple people, new technologies, and only listening to a small number of calls, it becomes a struggle to stay compliant.

You need to be able to review 100% of calls to truly minimize compliance risk, but doing it manually is incredibly cost-prohibitive. The only real option is to automate: to simplify compliance by automatically monitoring 100% of your interactions.

Monitoring and Remediation with AQM

Remediation allows you to focus on fixing the problem—not just identifying it—which enables you to build a better compliance program. Once you have remediated you can then monitor again, creating an iterative process where you continue to work toward reducing risk.

Once you have 100% of your interactions covered with Verint’s AQM solution, you can then accurately monitor your organization’s performance, as well as compare and improve agent performance across all the employees through multiple tools:

Monitor: Organization

  • Get a holistic view of organizational risk
  • Create tailored views for different roles in the organization

Monitor: Agent

  • Compare agent performance to peers
  • Identify which agents represent the biggest opportunity to close compliance gaps

Remediate: Agent

  • Automatically alert supervisors to compliance gaps
  • Get a holistic view of individual agent performance

Simplify Compliance

Building an AQM program can be daunting, and every organization has its own considerations. To help customers automate at their own pace, Verint has designed offerings that help customers gain the real benefits of monitoring compliance in 100% of calls and interactions, but without losing control of the change management piece critical to being successful.

This includes Verint’s steps to mitigating risk through customized automations such as:

  • Out-of-the-box compliance
  • Customized additional rules based on individual needs and requirements
  • Share your way: monitor separately from larger AQM program or as a part of it

Why Automate Quality?

With Verint Automated Quality Management, you can automate the entire QM process, automatically scoring up to 100% of your recorded calls, offering much greater insight and consistency than random sampling.

Automating quality management offers consistency and objectivity. It also offers comprehensive coverage, allowing you to evaluate 100% of interactions using the same standard technology. It also helps reduce risk—AQM allows you to get a handle on just how large a problem may be, whereas it wouldn’t be discoverable using traditional QM methods.

In addition, Verint makes it easy to get started with flexible deployment models—with multiple hosting options that best suit your needs and requirements.