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Verint Team April 29, 2021

The Low-Code Package from Verint IVA Places Conversational AI into the Hands of Business Professionals

Not too long ago, if a business needed to stand up a website—even a basic homepage—they needed to enlist the help of a professional web developer.

That developer worked with the marketing team to build the site, of course, but the company itself had little access to the back end of their page to make updates or changes in stride with the evolution of their business. This approach made web development a siloed and often slow process.

As we all know, this has changed dramatically. Content management systems allow non-technical personnel within a company to create sleek, professional websites quickly, often without the need of developers. The phenomenon of more accessible user interfaces—low code development—isn’t restricted to web design.

We see it across technologies, including in conversational AI, where people across an organisation—not just developers—are involved in creating and fine-tuning a chatbot without writing code.

Democratising AI

A recent article in presented the notion that organisations should focus on “Democratising AI.” Put simply, this means finding processes and technologies that allow more people across the business to have a say in how and where the organisation will use automation.

“The ability of an organisation to deploy AI applications is sometimes limited by the number of trained developers in the organisation. Enterprises are seeing that the use of no-code and low-code applications enables business users and non-developers to build and deploy AI applications, enabling larger coverage and ROI driven applications,” the article states.

By making AI more accessible to more people, the theory goes, the more efficient it is to test, deploy, and tune the chatbot. This doesn’t take away from the hard work of developers, though. Actually, it frees them up to work on additional initiatives within your company without worrying about simple tasks such as adjusting the IVA, which can now be done by customer service or marketing teams through the use of a drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code user interface.

The ability to speed up and simplify AI deployment—especially during the increased customer service demands brought on by COVID-19—is part of the reason many experts view low-code development as one of the top trends in AI for 2021.

At Verint, we’ve helped companies jumpstart AI projects, rescued initiatives that have become stuck in development, and remedied IVA and chatbot solutions that failed to deliver the needed ROI. Sometimes, these shortcomings are a result of the siloed nature of the development process, where internal development teams are tasked with developing an IVA, for example, but don’t have the insight from the customer experience teams who are more familiar with the wants and needs of their customers.

That’s why we recently launched the Verint IVA Pro Package.

Introducing Verint IVA Pro Package

Easy and manageable low-code chatbot solutions, like the Verint IVA Pro Packageallow more people across the business to work with the back end of the IVA. Deployed from the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform, this low-code package from Verint IVA gives you the keys to industry-leading machine learning and AI capabilities to build a chatbot all on your own terms.

Again, you don’t need a computer science degree to use Verint IVA Pro Package. You can drag and drop to try new ideas, test on the fly, and deploy your own DIY chatbot through the use of a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) user interface. It’s a powerful entry point to conversational AI, especially for organisations that may be late adopters to self-service and are looking to catch up to the competition.

Verint IVA Pro Package allows your company to build a chatbot with no hassle and no limits as to how and where your IVA can grow in the future.

Building with Best-in-Class Technology

Think of today’s high-end vehicles. Just because they’re easier and safer to drive than ever before doesn’t mean they’re not powerfully and masterfully built. Rather, all the technology and expertise that engineers and designers put into the construction of the vehicle makes for easier usability for the driver.

That’s one way to think about the Verint IVA Pro Package. It features a simple and intuitive user interface, but under the hood you’ll find expertly designed AI and machine learning technology. That’s because the package is part of Verint IVA, which supports any use case in every industry. Verint IVA processes massive amounts of data so you can listen to your customers and meet their needs—even as those needs change over time.

As part of the market-leading Verint IVA, the package allows business professionals to quickly deploy a production-ready chatbot to deflect calls and support customers. Verint IVA enables businesses to expand and mature capabilities across the enterprise by extending to the highest-quality IVA with an extensive range of capabilities for both voice and digital.

In other words, you’re now able to start with a chatbot, and extend self-service capabilities to drive strategic business objectives and a competitive advantage across your company.

Watch the IVA Pro video.