Verint’s Frank Schneider Discusses Giving Your Chatbot Brand Personality in the Era of Generative AI

Sue Huss May 28, 2024

Leveraging chatbots to take customer experience to the next level comes not a moment too soon. The evolution of customer engagement has drastically evolved over the past few years. While interaction volumes are increasing—customer experience expectations are absolutely skyrocketing. And chatbots are a big part of that equation.

Not surprisingly, brands are trying to do more with less to respond to these customer expectations and deliver incredible experiences. So how is this done? Frank Schneider, Verint’s AI evangelist, shares with The AI Journal the artistry of giving chatbots personality using generative AI and what it takes to instill brand voice to help power a consistent brand experience. 

Learn how generative AI is a new powerful force that can enable organizations to train their chatbots to stay in character while keeping with a brand’s unique voice for a consistent customer experience.

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