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The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is underlying and driving most, if not all, of the innovation in contact center systems and applications, which is necessary to help organizations provide a service experience that meets today’s growing customer expectations. It is also vital to providing agents with the intelligent tools and automation to empower them to become customer advocates, enriching their jobs and helping to engage and retain them.

The objective of this report is to explain what AI is, its underlying technologies, and how, in its current state of evolution, it can be applied effectively and practically in each contact center solution. It documents the ways in which AI can and should be used, application by application, to enhance the performance of contact centers and service organizations and provides recommendations and best practices for implementing AI.

Specifically, this report covers:

  • How AI is fundamental in enhancing the customer experience (CX) due to its ability to decipher customer expectations and deliver this information to agents
  • An explanation of DMG’s concept of a centralized contact center “AI hub/ brain” and its operational contributions and benefits
  • An analysis of the maturity and impact of AI in 20 of the most commonly used contact center solutions, plotted by quadrant – AI-enabled, targeted AI, emerging AI, and contributing AI
  • A visionary examination of the massive potential of AI to revolutionize contact centers and the service experience in the future
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