Verint Showcases Cloud Platform Innovations at its Engage21 Conference Powering Real-Time Work

Sessions Focus on Defining the Components and Strategies to Support the Real-Time Work Imperative to Address Increasing Customer Engagement Demands and Complexity

Engage21, MELVILLE, N.Y.


Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced it is showcasing the latest innovations leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to support the real-time work imperative at its customer conference, Verint Engage21 , taking place May 19-21.

These solutions – Real-Time Agent Assist, Contextual Knowledge, and Verint IVA for Agent Assist – are all powered by Verint DaVinci AI and Analytics. Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics infuses advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent models, sentiment models and analytics engines into the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform and solutions portfolio, leveraging an applied AI approach to drive improved business outcomes.

While AI has historically been a black-box technology managed exclusively by IT, it has moved from the data center to the farthest reaches of the enterprise to fulfill its role of empowering employees, embedding AI in human activity to support better, faster decision making in real-time. This is critical to empower organizations to handle increasing customer engagement demands and complexity in the post-COVID era.

“Our research finds that agents spend 14% of their time seeking information they need to help customers,” said Omer Minkara, Aberdeen vice president and principal analyst in the Aberdeen report, The ROI of Real-Time Agent Guidance: How AI Helps Align Agent Performance With Customer Expectations.1 “Providing automated real-time guidance allows agents to find what they need and boost productivity. Organizations using these AI capabilities enjoy 2.4 times greater annual increase in agent productivity and 11.5 times greater annual improvement (a decrease) in service costs.”

Taking AI from Breakthrough Science to High-Impact Solutions

Key innovations in the Verint Cloud Platform featured on the main stage at Engage21 are:

Real-Time Agent Assist combines in-the-moment AI analysis of customer interactions and agent desktop activities – and in real-time, automatically detects unique moments of truth such as customer complaints, escalations, positive and negative sentiment, long silences, interruptions, compliance risks, coaching opportunities and more. Agents and managers receive real-time guidance, alerts and coaching with next best action and insights on how to improve interactions.

Contextual Knowledge uses patented AI to create a more automated, natural and effective way to connect people to answers. AI-infused contextual knowledge can be surfaced automatically and in real time so that agents and managers can respond with the right answer avoiding long searches for knowledge.

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for Agent Assist provides human agents with AI-powered continuous support during calls and chats and allows agents to improve average handle time, response accuracy and compliance, training ramp time, and customer experience. The solution eliminates escalations to managers, and manual searches for answers as it learns each business and its respective processes to intelligently support the workforce.

“Customers and employees need answers at the speed of now, and that’s why real-time work solutions and strategies are a huge focus of our Future of Work theme at our customer conference this year,” says Verint’s Celia Fleischaker, chief marketing officer. “As organizations seek to resolve the Engagement Capacity Gap, they need solutions to help with understanding and acting on rapidly changing customer behaviors, while managing the growth in volume of customer interactions — the two biggest challenges voiced by respondents in our survey conducted in November-December 2020. As well, they are empowering employees to be successful in the modern workforce, where rapid innovation in AI and analytics is shaping the Future of Work in customer engagement.”

About Verint

Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT) helps the world’s most iconic brands – including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies – build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data and experiences across the enterprise. The Verint Customer Engagement portfolio draws on the latest advancements in AI and analytics, an open cloud architecture, and The Science of Customer Engagement to help customers close the engagement capacity gap.

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1 Source: Aberdeen Strategy & Research, The ROI of Real-Time Agent Guidance: How AI Helps Align Agent Performance With Customer Expectations, August 2020.

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