Verint’s Speakers Discuss Putting AI to Work, Reinventing Financial Compliance and Solving the Top 5 Contact Center Inefficiencies

Verint's speakers today announced a line-up of events taking place throughout the month that focus on simplifying, modernizing and automating customer engagement



Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced a line-up of events taking place throughout the month that focus on simplifying, modernizing and automating customer engagement.

AI World Conference and Expo

December 3-5; Boston, Massachusetts

Cynthia Freeman, research engineer at Verint, will present “How to Determine the Optimal Anomaly Detection Method for Your Application” on December 3. The early detection of anomalies is vital for ensuring undisrupted business and efficient troubleshooting—unfortunately, there is no one best way to detect all anomalies across a variety of domains. Such methodology is a myth given that time series can display a wide range of behaviors—in addition, which behavior is anomalous can differ from application to application. In light of these issues, Verint will introduce a framework to help determine the best anomaly detection method for each application, based on characteristics the time series possesses, while discussing automating the classification of time series and choice of anomaly detection method.

Financial Compliance Innovation Workshops

December 4; Copenhagen, Denmark

Verint’s Phil Fry, VP, financial compliance strategy, and Andy Davies, head of global financial compliance, will join Verint’s “Compliance Partner Program” to present financial compliance innovation, beginning at 8:30am CET. Attendees can gain insights on how to turn regulatory burdens into a strategic advantage and unlock the power of automated, game-changing technologies. Click here to register.

Solving Top 5 IT Inefficiencies in the Contact Center

December 6; Online Webinar

Verint’s Kelly Koelliker, director, content marketing and Siobhan Miller, VP, portfolio market strategy, will present “Solving Top 5 IT Inefficiencies in the Contact Center” December 6 at 2pm ET. Today’s modern contact centers handle millions of calls a day across thousands of agents around the globe. To connect, route and record all of these calls, IT personnel must manage a complex web of applications across multiple vendors throughout the communications infrastructure—making it hard to even discover when there’s an issue and what the root cause might be. Because throwing more resources at the problem is unsustainable, Verint invites attendees to join us as we introduce a new intelligent automation solution to help IT meet its mission. Attendees can learn:

  • How intelligent automation saves thousands of hours of manual work, driving both operational efficiency and compliance with industry regulations
  • How proactive, holistic monitoring and testing lets you get a handle on what’s really happening in your contact center
  • How an automated, virtual subject matter expert expands your capacity and lets you build out your IT team without adding headcount.

To discover more about Verint’s global events, click here.

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