Verint Community Modernizes Self-Service, Driving Deeper Customer Relationships

Customers Can Make Smarter, Faster Decisions with Simplified Access to Discussions, Technical Information and Knowledge



Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced enhancements to its Community solution, available in the cloud or on-premises. The Community solution is an important component of the company’s automated Intelligent Self-Service portfolio, which includes web self-service, knowledge management (KM), intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) and interactive voice response (IVR). Customer communities enable enterprises to grow their self-service strategy, providing customers with a private online site to find relevant information, share experiences and get technical assistance, all without requiring the interaction of a representative within an enterprise.

The enhancements are part of Verint’s strategy to help organizations meet growing consumer preferences for more automated self-service interactions. Gartner expects “self-service customer interactions to increase from 48% to 64% of the total within the next five years, partly due to the augmentation of AI technologies.”1

Conquer the Self-Service Challenge with Automation

“Companies have been trying to conquer the self-service challenge for over a decade, and communities are one that should be at the forefront,” says Verint’s GM of Intelligent Self-Service, Michael Southworth. “Consumers are still craving some form of human interaction along with their self-service journey. Through communities, customers can interact directly with their peers, receive real-time answers, responses and validation from fellow consumers and organizations alike. Even though communities require little employee involvement on the enterprise side, they are a very important part of a company’s overall customer experience (CX) strategy because they provide a critical forum to exchange ideas, questions and best practices.”

While reducing demand for support, Verint’s Telligent Community offering integrates with Knowledge Management (KM) to automate content synchronization and search indexing, providing a structured way for members of the community to find information and answers to their questions on their own. This integration enables continual updates to an enterprise’s knowledge base that are derived from customers’ most frequently asked questions and issues. It can also help enterprises capture customer feedback, and identify customer needs and preferences—using the information for product development, marketing strategy and to drive search engine optimization (SEO). Feature upgrades include:

  • Robust reporting enhancements—Companies gain valuable insights and ROI metrics for their community by understanding the details of customer interactions. With automated drilldown reports, managers can easily see the details behind the numbers, and the reports can be exported for offline consumption. Community managers and customer experience leaders now have a dashboard of important community health metrics available to them with dynamic and interactive visualizations.
  • Site theming experience enhancements—Simplified theming enables easy branding and customization of the community site’s interface in a matter of minutes. A new theme studio offers advanced theme editing within the site to provide customers with a quality, engaging online experience that increases self-service use and return visits.

“Verint is unique in that we offer our customers solutions to simplify, modernize and automate customer engagement, including powerful Artificial Intelligence-based self-service solutions across both voice and digital channels,” said Southworth. “Our Community solution is a valuable addition to any enterprise because it provides a new dimension to self-service customer engagement, giving customers a rich interaction experience while requiring little human resource investment. Additionally, AI is always working in the background to route customer requests to the right person if the customer needs additional answers or support.”

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