Certified compliance recording for Microsoft Teams

Unified, risk-based compliance recording for Microsoft Teams certified by Microsoft. Capture, archive, analyze, and retrieve interactions across all modes of communication from Teams voice calling, meetings, and collaboration streams. Now complete with features such as capturing persistent chat, conditional recording, bot grouping support, and more.

Mind the gap

Unified communications (UC) and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are changing the way we work, communicate, and exchange information. By early 2023, Microsoft Teams had more than 280 million users globally.

When using digital communication channels, you must still remain compliant with the regulations and corporate policies that control how you work – wherever your workforce is located. If you need to record, store, and monitor regulated interactions, or analyze the data and align into core surveillance platforms, a traditional recording solution may struggle to do this for Microsoft Teams.

There is a compliance gap.

Infographic: Why Native Recording in Teams Is Not Enough
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Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams: A Buyer’s Guide​
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Enable compliant Teams communications

Regulators frequently require the recording, retention, and surveillance of voice and electronic communications. As a result, in highly regulated verticals, such as financial services, businesses are often challenged to use Microsoft Teams in a compliant manner.

Our enterprise-grade, secure Microsoft Teams recording solution can enable you to compliantly capture all communication features available in Microsoft Teams automatically, or – as you might be required to request permission before recording an interaction – manually.

It is a robust platform to centrally record, store, and make your data easily retrievable for records retention, reconciliation, trade reconstruction, business intelligence, and compliance evidencing.

Compliance across all Microsoft Teams communication modes: how to record Teams meetings and more?

Remain compliant across Microsoft Teams collaboration modes. With Verint Financial Compliance, your IT administrators can define conditions and configure recording policies so your system will automatically know which users need or need not to be captured.

Our solution’s built-in intelligence then automatically captures regulated Teams interactions across voice, video, meetings, as well as both persistent and sidebar chat. With support for bot grouping, you can now capture up to 25 regulated users with a single Compliance Recording bot, resulting in drastically improved resource consumption and a significantly reduced TCO.

Captured data are held in a secure, searchable archive for record-keeping, monitoring and analysis. Dashboards provide insights into non-compliance.

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A certified Microsoft partner trusted by hundreds of organizations globally

Building on our success with Skype for Business recording, Verint’s co-engineering partnership with Microsoft is delivering robust solutions to record Teams calls and interactions, and make them available for easy identification, retrieval, and analysis.

Our technology has been subject to rigorous testing and will help you capture data across the full complement of Microsoft Teams collaboration.

Augmented by core compliance applications, such as automated data retention, voice transcription, language detection, sentiment analysis, advanced search and playback, as well as agile tools for investigations and data governance, Verint enables your digitized workforce to comply with regulatory requirements at ease.

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Winner of the Most Innovative Regulatory Compliance Monitoring category at A-Team Innovation Awards 2023

Boasting multiple first-of-its-kind capabilities such as capturing persistent chats and conditional recording in Microsoft Teams, Verint Financial Compliance has always been a product driven by innovation.

We’re happy to be recognized for our efforts and proud to serve the financial industry by providing robust quality and compliance solutions in this digital age.

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