Verint Social

Verint Social powers digital customer engagement over social media channels – like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – to provide responsive and personalized conversations that build loyal lifetime customers.

Unlock the full potential of social customer service

Power customer conversations over social media channels to deliver customer service experiences that are timely, unique, and cost-effective.


The State of CX Trends Report 2021

Powering digital customer service on your customers' preferred channels

Fast becoming the preferred channel for customers reach out on, your contact center needs to be able to manage the increased demand for social customer service without sacrificing efficiency.

Verint Social enables your brand to unify multiple social media channels in a single social customer service engagement workspace:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google Play Store
  • Google My Business
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Build and maintain customer relationships with Verint Social

When customers engage with your brand over social media channels, they now expect a response. But not just any response. A response that is timely, solves their issue in-channel, and leaves them feeling content. Verint Social powers your contact center to:

Manage Volume

Seamlessly prioritize, engage, and resolve customer conversations with robust capabilities built for the nuances of social media channels.

Work Intelligently

Use bespoke reporting to measure your performance against your brand KPIs and make data-driven business decisions.

Build Relationships

Access and understand all prior customer information and engagement history to have meaningful conversations through knowledge management.

The 2022 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

Did you know that 78% of customers use a company again when they have an amazing digital customer experience?

Discover how brands are using digital channels to power customer experiences that build lasting relationships and the best practices that separate the industry leaders from the rest.

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Enable social customer service to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™

For the majority, brands have been ill-equipped to meet these rising customer expectations for digital engagement. As such a gap between customers’ expectations and brands’ capacity to meet these expectations has occurred. Verint Social changes that. It enables your brand to engage your customers on the channel of their choice, efficiently meet surging social volumes and build lasting customer relationships.

Do You Know How to Close the Engagement Capacity Gap™?
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Verint Social is part of Verint Digital-First Engagement

Verint Cloud Platform elevates every experience with an open approach to customer engagement. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI, Verint Digital-First Engagement works with your existing ecosystem to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™ while seamlessly delivering experiences across channels and uniquely supporting the modern, distributed workforce of humans and bots at scale.

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Verint Social for Digital-First Engagement

  • Agent Workspace

    Increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by delivering simple, seamless customer support.
  • Insights

    Give your brand a customizable, open, and flexible analytics platform to measure success and KPIs.
  • Social Customer Service

    Engage with your customers on public social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to resolve service issues fast and reliably.

Social Media Usage Trends

  • 1.91 billion

    daily active Facebook users with 81% of adults in the US having an account.

  • 60%

    of Instragram’s more than one billion active users are between the ages of 18-34.

  • 64%

    of customers on Twitter say they’d rather message a dedicated support handle than call with a customer survive issue.

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