Keep your business aligned with your customer conversations through a customizable, open, and flexible analytics platform to measure your success.

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Keep Your Brand Aligned with Insights

Measure your social customer service performance

Monitor and analyze your conversations with pre-configured dashboards. Improve agent productivity and team performance with best practice service KPIs, easily generate time-sensitive reports in a few clicks, and gain visibility into all customer interactions across social media channels and private messaging apps – all with no coding required on your behalf.

Create tailored dashboards

Need a unique approach? We will work with you to create custom dashboards tailored to your business needs. Access the metrics and KPIs that are most relevant to you and your team to visualize the data in a way that tells your brand story.

We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to data analytics. Insights gives you your data, your way.

Capture rich intent data

Customer conversations bring rich intent signals and deep customer intelligence to the CRM equation, and Insights provides the knowledge needed to gain a comprehensive view of customer conversations from every social media and private messaging channels. Conveniently under one roof.

Maximize workforce management efficiency

Our full suite of reporting tools gauges CSAT and NPS while also reporting qualitative and quantitative data like customer sentiment. You’re therefore able to measure the efficacy of your customer engagement over private messaging and social media channels in real-time and adjust your approach accordingly, successfully handling social conversations efficiently at minimal cost.

With Insights, you can:

  • Integrate Your Backend Systems

    Every customer conversation creates a wealth of knowledge. This is why conversational data is of the utmost value when it comes to building customer relationships. Insights integrate all relevant customer data using our powerful integration options and open APIs.

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Verint Messaging and Social for Digital-First Engagement

  • Social Customer ServiceEngage with your customers on public social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to resolve service issues fast and reliably.
  • Agent WorkspaceIncrease brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by delivering simple, seamless customer support.
  • Facebook MessengerEngage quickly and easily with your customers via Messenger and the Messenger Chat Plugin.
  • WhatsApp BusinessUnlock the full potential of WhatsApp Business to exceed customer expectations.
  • Google's Business MessagingTurn Google searches into lasting customer relationships with Business Messages.
  • Apple Messages for Business Power seamless two-way customer conversations on Apple's native Messages app.
  • SMS Text MessagingConnect with billions of customers with two-way conversational messaging to build lasting customer relationships via native messaging.